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2020 has certainly thrown plenty of challenges our way, especially when it comes to corporate video production! It’s become more important than ever to be flexible – whether that’s working from home instead of in an office or turning live...

Oooooh – guys, it’s almost end of financial year! You know what that means? Spending your tax return on things you don’t need! (I.e. that weird exotic lizard that’s been staring at you from the pet shop window every time you walk past...

With more and more consumers wanting their information quicker and more accurate in the online space, live streaming has emerged, so VMP has taken a look at how we can consume and produce more good quality Live Streaming content....

At the start of a New Year, VMP takes a look at the best TV commercials - from genius to downright gross - to hit the small screen in 2013....

Does celebrity endorsement actually work? VMP discusses the power of Celeb PR and some of our favourite examples of effective and successful celebrity endorsements in promotional video....

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