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In this ever-growing day and age, new technologies and advancements are rapidly changing the ways we promote and market products. From TikTok to …, traditional, contemporary strategies are being pushed aside by these new, highly engaging and interactive mediums. Today...

Reaching your audience through effective marketing is essential for any small business. Having a great product, an inviting office location and an excellent team of professionals is a fantastic start – but it could all get lost if no one...

Oooooh – guys, it’s almost end of financial year! You know what that means? Spending your tax return on things you don’t need! (I.e. that weird exotic lizard that’s been staring at you from the pet shop window every time you walk past...

Kids these days, so tech savvy, so how do you appeal to them if you're a school or university? Find out more about video marketing for schools in VMP's latest blog!...

VMP was rugged up and raring to go this Winter with hot new clients, cool new projects, and a great team to boot! Read all about it in our Winter Newsletter for 2018...

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