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Winter is always the perfect time of year to rug up warm and watch a good movie. The last few months have seen a winter whirlwind of work at VMP Brisbane (which may or may not have contributed to an...

The Autumn leaves have fallen and the winter chill has set in … by Queensland standard it is freezing! Autumn is always a season of transition with the change in weather and at VMP it is has been a very...

There are so many summer rituals that only a true Aussie could understand.  Of course, we’re talking about iconic classics such as the Boxing Day Test Match, Triple J’s Hottest 100 and most importantly, the VMP Team Christmas Party! (Obviously..)...

Sing out for spring! For what a beautiful season it has been – we’ve seen an easing of restrictions and reuniting of loved ones across borders, as well as beautiful sunny weather (not to be confused with the summer humidity...

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