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Kids these days, so tech savvy, so how do you appeal to them if you're a school or university? Find out more about video marketing for schools in VMP's latest blog!...

VMP was rugged up and raring to go this Winter with hot new clients, cool new projects, and a great team to boot! Read all about it in our Winter Newsletter for 2018...

As the leaves start to fall alongside our dress standards (see: Ugg boots, tracky dakks, that thermal jumper with the curry stain), VMP has bounded towards a strong finish to the financial year. Check out everything we’ve been up to...

With the commercial media industry constantly changing and technology always advancing, we have learnt to adapt to new situations and provide audiences with fresher, more exciting content. The emergence of drones has allowed media professionals from all over the world...

Adios 2017! With the pointy end of last year in our rear vision mirror and the wide open straight of 2018 in our headlights, the VMP team is ready to race – and here are some of the great clients...

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