World Wellness Group – Brand Video


Brand Video


June, 2023


Brisbane, Queensland


Health and Medical Services

In 2023, we were approached by a non-profit organisation named World Wellness Group requiring our video production services to create a series of videos. The organisation had received a government grant to expand their audience and hopefully increase donations. One of the videos we helped create aimed to encourage donations, another aimed to attract new doctors to the practice, and a mini-series featuring client interviews detailing how the centre had helped them in their times of need.


Our role involved planning a two-day shoot in Brisbane, Queensland, to capture all the necessary content. It was a tight schedule, and much of it was spent ensuring nothing was missed. After an intense twenty hours, we left feeling confident that we had achieved our goals and had heard some incredible stories along the way.

A notable challenge was dealing with interviews conducted in languages that our software couldn’t accurately translate. Instead, we relied on the traditional approach of using a professional translation team to provide accurate transcripts.


The outcome was a genuinely heartwarming series of videos that successfully attracted new clients, staff, and donations across the board. It was a success story for both organisations, and we felt proud to have been involved in a project that brought positivity into the world.

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