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NRL Pick Em Shoots




Brisbane, Queensland



VMP has worked with Sam Thaiday and his totally better half Rachel on a number of occasions and it is always a barrel of laughs and entertaining to say the least. From bomb diving into freezing swimming pools in mid-winter to present high quality display homes to the weekly studio visits to present the NRL Pick Em game promos, Sam is always ready to give his time and energy to engage an audience.


NRL Pick Em was a campaign run by Sportsbet to give punters the opportunity to engage in a fun and FREE game that allowed them to pick their favourite teams each week and potentially win $100,000!

Each week Sam would rock up to the VMP studio with a bunch of funny lines about why he did not win last week and how easy it would be to play and win. Most of the “live” updates were shot on green screen and Sam had a great ability to deliver a 60 second promo on time and totally off the cuff. What a star!


When a winner did eventually arise right here in Brisbane we got to film Sam beside the Wally Lewis statue at Suncorp Stadium presenting an oversize cheque and shaking the winners hand so hard he must have been glad he never met Sam on the field!

It was a simple project to shoot and deliver the material within a few hours each week to ensure the Sportsbet socials stayed bright and up to date. Obviously, it was a complete pleasure to work with Sam and Sportsbet and to show once again, our reliable and consistently professional approach.

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