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April, 2024


Brisbane, Queensland


Health and Wellbeing

When Olympia approached us, they told us that they were searching for a series of testimonial videos designed to encourage new clients toward purchasing their top-of-the-line massage chairs. Olympia, you see, doesn’t create the kind of bland chair your grandfather has or that you see weirdos in the mall sitting in. They make the Rolls Royce of luxury precision equipment designed for an experience unalike any other.

We heard them, and we saw them, maybe more than they saw themselves and we said to them ‘we got you.’


In addition to providing a structure of how we could create the testimonial videos they desired we decided to throw them a curve ball. A series of high class, eyeball capturing concepts that would do a thousand times more benefit than another video with a celebrity saying how much they love using their product and blah blah blah.

Our ball struck a chord with Edmond Saffuri, lead marketer at Olympia, and instantly a new partnership was born. So enamoured with our concepts he was that we had to stop pitching him ideas in our project meetings for fear that his love of the newest one would eclipse the last and preproduction would have to start all over. We have concepts to last well into the future.

Our first, treat the Davinci (one of the bestselling models) like the race car it is. A highly tuned, precision made, feat of engineering that begs the user to dare not to fall in love with it. This chair was literally made in collaboration with Italdesign, the company that has designed Lamborghini’s amongst other luxury vehicles. Thus, was born The Reveal video, and its comedic partner which subverts the audience’s expectations.

Our third video is fashioned in the style of an Apple product release short, where the company’s chief spokesperson (in our case Edmond) draws from his heart to gush about the potential and remarkable nature of their product. His words are paired with gorgeous visuals, extreme macro details, and an explorative camera that pulls the audience in to discover more.


This blossoming relationship will see more incredible and unique concepts brought to life in the near future. The client has been blown away. We’re showcasing these unique massage chairs in a way that none of the competition has even dreamed of, and that’s exactly what a standout brand needs.

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