iPlex Australia- BlackMAX & SewerMAX Animations


BlackMAX & SewerMAX Animations


July, 2024


Brisbane, Queensland



If you need to tell a story that has complicated visuals, then sometimes the smarter option to take is to look down the animation route. It will allow you to show scenarios that may be difficult or time consuming to capture in real life, in a fraction of the time. This is precisely the avenue that our long-time collaborator iPlex Australia wanted when they came to us looking for a solution for one of their products. 


The BlackMAX & SewerMAX (including their ‘+’ size variants) are customisable inground sewer piping solutions designed to do away traditional concrete piping, which can be prone to issues. Of course, the reality of filming such problems is far greater than simply being able to represent them. With animation we were able to create side by side comparisons that quickly explain the benefits of their product using exaggerated concepts. An example of this is the visuals of tree root intrusion bursting through the concrete pipes while the iPlex products remain strong.  

Animation also allows us to convey a lot of unique information in rapid succession. This can be through the use of onscreen information and data, as well as representations of size and necessary actions for application. As seen in the iPlex videos, by removing background distractions and showing the action of using a handsaw to illustrate cutting through the piping, potential customers can understand how easy to adapt on site the product is.  


Let’s recap on why animation could be the best option for you… 

  • Simple to convey ideas 
  • Requires far less, to zero real life locations  
  • Exaggeration can drive home points 
  • Makes comparison quick  
  • Can be more affordable  

If the above points seem like something you could see working well for your product or training, then please reach out to us at VMP Productions as we love brining ideas to life. Remember that animation is simple and effective because it cuts ideas down to their very core, which can be exactly what you audience needs. Sometimes the simple option is the right option.  

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