CS Gas – Brand Video



Brand Video


March, 2024


Emerald, Queensland


Mining and Gas Equipment

We were approached by CS Gas, a leading gas and plant engineering company based out of Brisbane, Australia, to create a brand video for them that celebrates their history and monumental growth over the course of their life.


This project was our second project with the company. We started by pitching an idea that shows the world that CS Gas was no longer the ‘five men in shed’ team that they had started with. Instead, it they are proudly deploying their projects both nationally, and internationally.

Our project took as to the remote mining town of Emerald, in Central Queensland, and saw us rising before the sun and staying beyond its setting to ensure we captured the very best visuals that a strong brand video demands.

Both ours and our clients’ expectations were blown out of the water when we saw just how magnificent the plant looked from a drone flying hundreds of meters above us in the predawn sky. Gas flares, no matter how controversial they may be, are a sight to behold. They translated especially well into the video format.

Additionally, we spent time filming in the fabrication centre in Brisbane. This allowed for a full circle story, beginning to end, of products being made and implemented.


The end result is a brand video that is honest. It speaks to the core values of what CS Gas is, and then backs those words up with powerful visuals that tell the audience ‘You’re in the right place”.

We look forward to this continuing relationship bringing forth more incredible projects that give the crew and clients a buzz to be part of.

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