Spinal Injuries Association


As a part of an internet marketing campaign VMP was asked to produce a powerful TVC featuring a wheelchair bound person. An open and exciting brief to say the least.


Conceived by Geoff Edmanson, this TVC features a young man speeding along an empty road in his wheelchair, accompanied by a soundtrack of young people going wild in a car and ending in a tragic crash. A sobering reminder to young drivers.


“The filming of the Tell 50 video was central to the success of the entire campaign. With one of the Spinal Injuries Association’s members, Finn Mills, starring in the video, we worked closely with VMP to create a one minute ad that had an instant impact on the high school students who viewed it, and encouraged them to take action and download the video from our organisation’s website. The end result was extremely powerful and in less than a month, almost 2,000 people have already viewed the video on YouTube.” Megan Illmer

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