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Brisbane based eLearning & LMS Course Design

With a focus on creating clear and effective communication that engages the target audience, VMP eLearning has helped a wide range of clients to deliver successful self-paced learning to even the most remote locations.

The use of audio, video and animation has helped us take elearning course design well beyond the basic and boring slides. Our expertise with video, animation and interactivity has helped to create more compelling content and we aim to be recognised as a leading supplier for high quality online learning and eLearning development.

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    LMS Content Creation

    We development, design and deliver – all in-house.

    With the collaboration of our highly talented team of producers, production crew and instructional designers, we successfully reach learning objectives for a cost-effective eLearning solution.

    Perfecting the art of blending multiple modes of representation, theory and testing, VMP offers the following content for eLearning courses:

    • Video production (studio or onsite filming)
    • Sound effects, background music, audio & voiceover recordings
    • 2D/3D animation, visual effects, titles and graphics
    • Interactive games and quizzes
    • Programmed text, flowcharts, downloadable PDF files links
    • Awards, badges and certificates at completion of stages or units

    In 2004, our strength with video content lead to developing innovative interactive disc based learning solutions.

    Consequently, from 2008, we progressed to the online extension of that material and over the last ten years VMP has produced engaging E-Learning materials for both large and small organisations.

    With specific focus on the use of video, animation and interactivity, we aim to enhance the engagement of your target audience.

    Passion and Innovation

    Another element that separates VMP is our focus on content. Rather than developing our own proprietary software and trying to close down our clients future opportunities, we engage with the most efficient open source solutions to deliver bespoke courses for our clients. We work with Articulate, Captivate and a whole range of specialist software to produce content and courses for and our own Moodle server or any of our clients proprietary systems. Put simply, we like making unique creative content as we know that if the trainee is not engaged the learning will fail and VMP has the expertise, facilities and passion to engage.

    Experience that counts

    Over the last 8 years we have created an extensive collection of disc based, video based and online training programs for the Queensland Emergency Services, including work for the QFES, RFS, SES and QDMA. In addition, we have assisted with Education Queensland with video elements for the Learning Place website and Science Enrichment online learning programs.

    What is an LMS?

    A LMS (Learning Management System) is an online platform that hosts and launches e-learning courses. It is a central place to access learning and where teachers and students can easily communicate with each other. Accessible by computer or tablet, you can track the progress and performance of learners using the course. At VMP we can create courses for any SCORM compliant, xAPI compliant, LTI compliant, or Moodle LMS, and with our own Moodle server we also supply hosting services. This also allows us to fully test our courses in a true online environment.

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