Eye in The Sky: What are Drones and Why You Should Use Them

Drones allow for breathtaking videography and photography at a relatively low cost. So, how can you use drones for your next video production?

With the commercial media industry constantly changing and technology always advancing, we have learnt to adapt to new situations and provide audiences with fresher, more exciting content. The emergence of drones has allowed media professionals from all over the world to do just this, producing stunning visuals for a relativity low cost....

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VMP Spring Newsletter 2017

Brisbane video production company VMP takes you through spring 2017!

The birds are shining! The sun is singing! It’s Spring and VMP is on a roll!...

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DIY Green Screen

VMP shows you how to create stunning animations and visual effects with your very own, DIY chroma-key green screen at home!

We love chroma-key and making the impossible possible at VMP. We regularly film on green screen and for a variety…...

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How to Speak to a Graphic Designer: The Language of Graphic Design

VMP presents a guide to the language of graphic design to help you achieve your final design!

Here at VMP we love our graphic designers. They are creative, inspired people who can sometimes frustrate you. Not because…...

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5 Tips When Creating a Character for Your Brand

Creating a character to represent your brand is a great way to add a flare of creativity to your products,…...

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Colour Your World

A few months ago VMP did a green-screen shoot for a bubbly, energetic client. The first thing he noticed when…...

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Celebrity Endorsments

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new. We often see up and coming or well known public figures jump on board a…...

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Article from AustraliaCreative.com – Getting your teeth into a dull product

One of the creative industries tedious tasks can be producing interesting concepts for dull products. In this Australian Creative article…...

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Top 5 Tips for a Christmas Ad!

We’ve put together our top recommendations and ideas to make sure your ad doesn’t get lost in the holiday season!…...

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