Video Marketing For Schools

How to top the class with a school marketing video


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VMP Spring Newsletter 2017

Brisbane video production company VMP takes you through spring 2017!

The birds are shining! The sun is singing! It’s Spring and VMP is on a roll!...

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Shooting Tips: Filming Children and Animals on Set

It's a fact that working with children and animals is a perilous job. We put together a few tips and tricks for filming children and animals with no tears!

Working on set with children and animals “Never work with children or animals’ is an age old film business adage.…...

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VMP How To: Your First Corporate Video

VMP's top tips for planning, shooting, and producing your corporate video production

Here at VMP one of our most in demand video styles is corporate video production. Many of our clients are…...

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5 Ways to Use Corporate Videos

Whether for recruitment, branding, or PR, there are endless ways to use corporate videos to reach clients. VMP takes you through 5 of the best!

 For businesses, video is becoming an increasingly common and important part of communication. Many companies have video on their websites;…...

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Top Video Production Mistakes: What NOT to do

The 5 most common mistakes you can make when creating your video production

5 Biggest mistakes clients make when creating a video We’ve covered mistakes people make when searching for the right production…...

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5 Tips When Creating a Character for Your Brand

Creating a character to represent your brand is a great way to add a flare of creativity to your products,…...

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What Makes Videos go Viral?

What makes videos go viral? VMP takes a look at some of the top viral trends out there and what makes them so successful.

There are quite a few viral videos out there, but what makes videos go viral in the first place? After…...

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Audio Branding: How to Market with Sound

Audio tracks and theme songs in video productions are vitally important, but why stop there? VMP discusses how audio branding is key to your marketing strategy

Recently, we started talking to a client about the importance of sound in creating any video production and it brought…...

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Concept and Script Development

Got an idea brewing but not sure where to start? VMP breaks concept and script development down into easy steps so you can get your video production journey started!

Ever had a great idea for a film, TVC or viral web video? Or maybe you have an idea brewing…...

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5 tips for using video on your website

If you have a business, chances are you’ve noticed the explosion of web video marketing. What used to be a…...

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Our Favourite Commercials of 2013

Happy New Year! As one year draws to an end and a new one begins the VMP staff has decided…...

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