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Imagination is the key to creating new and exciting content and VMP's post production team have got more than 294 Olympic-size swimming pools of creative imagination. That is the equivalent of 1 whole Gabba! (A unit of measurement that we use in Brisbane).

Our video editors, graphic designers and animators are technical experts in their field and have a passion for delivering original quality and excellence. The addition to innovative motion-graphics, 2d animation or 3d animation always enhances your final video product.

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Motion Graphics



Infographics | Text Animations

Our graphic design team at VMP have years of experience in providing visually appealing and entertaining motion graphics. Whether corporate, commercial or educational, get your message across with clarity and impact through expertly designed title sequences, logos, imagery, product demonstrations and text.

Creativity that delivers

The success of motion graphics and animation has been the catalyst for the growth of data sharing in corporate messages through infographics. Our designers pride themselves on thinking about the reasons behind what they are creating which helps to elevate your brands character. Either way, VMP has the power to bring your ideas to life with stunning screen visuals!

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