5 Tips When Creating a Character for Your Brand

Five Things to Consider When Creating a Brand Character Creating a character to represent your brand is a great way…...

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Filming on a Tight Budget

Creating a Filming Budget That Suits Your Needs and Wallet Let me tell you a story. One of our favourite…...

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What Makes Videos go Viral?

What makes videos go viral? VMP takes a look at some of the top viral trends out there and what makes them so successful.

There are quite a few viral videos out there, but what makes videos go viral in the first place? After…...

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Professional Time Lapse Video Tips

From sunrise to sunset and everything in between, here are VMP's top tips when shooting time lapse video

Here at VMP we have quite a bit of experience setting up and recording amazing time lapse sequences, from the…...

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Audio Branding: How to Market with Sound

Audio tracks and theme songs in video productions are vitally important, but why stop there? VMP discusses how audio branding is key to your marketing strategy

Recently, we started talking to a client about the importance of sound in creating any video production and it brought…...

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How to: Write an EPIC Production Title

Creating a great video is only one part to a superb video production. VMP guides you through the steps of creating a great production title to engage audience and increase viewership.

Creating a great video is only one part to a superb video production. One must consider marketing, distribution, display formats,…...

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Concept and Script Development

Got an idea brewing but not sure where to start? VMP breaks concept and script development down into easy steps so you can get your video production journey started!

Ever had a great idea for a film, TVC or viral web video? Or maybe you have an idea brewing…...

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5 Tips for Using Video on your Website

Tips to Start with Web Video Marketing If you have a business, chances are you’ve noticed the explosion of web…...

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Our Favourite TV Commercials of 2013

Brisbane video production company VMP takes a look at the best TV commercials to hit the small screen this year.

Happy New Year! As one year draws to an end and a new one begins the VMP staff has decided…...

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Hot Spring Deals from VMP, Brisbane Video Production Company!

Brisbane video production company VMP has a hot deal for you this Spring!

Brace yourselves, summer is coming. Here at the VMP office we’re heating it up with some hot spring deals! Are…...

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Colour Your World

Colours in Advertising A few months ago VMP did a green-screen shoot for a bubbly, energetic client. The first thing…...

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