5 Ways to Use Corporate Videos

Whether for recruitment, branding, or PR, there are endless ways to use corporate videos to reach clients. VMP takes you through 5 of the best!

5 Best Types of Corporate Video That Can Reach Clients For businesses, video is becoming an increasingly common and important…...

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VMP Top Tips: How to Vlog

VMP's guide on how to vlog, where to vlog, and why to vlog for maximum impact

VMP How To: Present Your Own Vlog Here at VMP, we love media production and anything to do with making…...

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Top Video Production Mistakes: What NOT to do

The 5 most common mistakes you can make when creating your video production

5 Biggest Mistakes When Creating a Video We’ve covered mistakes people make when searching for the right production house, and…...

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VMP and the forbidden dance!

Newsletter Hola! 2015 is underway and VMP has been capturing spectacular Brazilian dancers, stunning UAV (drone) footage and creating 3D…...

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Things People Like to Stick Go Pro’s to

Creative ideas for mounting your Go Pro, and video production tips for once you have


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Drones: A New Way of Filmmaking by Robert Benoit

Robert Benoit discusses drone filmmaking, risks, and opportunities in a new age of video production

It is difficult to find someone who hasn’t heard of the recent invasion of drones. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’S)…...

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5 Tips When Creating a Character for Your Brand

Five Things to Consider When Creating a Brand Character Creating a character to represent your brand is a great way…...

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What Makes Videos go Viral?

What makes videos go viral? VMP takes a look at some of the top viral trends out there and what makes them so successful.

There are quite a few viral videos out there, but what makes videos go viral in the first place? After…...

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Professional Time Lapse Video Tips

From sunrise to sunset and everything in between, here are VMP's top tips when shooting time lapse video

Here at VMP we have quite a bit of experience setting up and recording amazing time lapse sequences, from the…...

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Audio Branding: How to Market with Sound

Audio tracks and theme songs in video productions are vitally important, but why stop there? VMP discusses how audio branding is key to your marketing strategy

Recently, we started talking to a client about the importance of sound in creating any video production and it brought…...

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How to: Write an EPIC Production Title

Creating a great video is only one part to a superb video production. VMP guides you through the steps of creating a great production title to engage audience and increase viewership.

Creating a great video is only one part to a superb video production. One must consider marketing, distribution, display formats,…...

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