New Brisbane Green Screen Studio

With a full-length green screen and custom built sound board, Brisbane's newest studio is perfect for video production, photography, and everything in between!

  VMP is proud to announce the arrival of our new baby! Our own professional studio space is open for…...

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The Low-Down on Video Streaming

VMP looks at the what, why, and how of online video streaming

Basic Facts To Know About Online Video Streaming This week Channel Seven broke Australia’s video streaming record with over 500,000…...

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VMP February Newsletter 2016

Brisbane video production company VMP takes you through February 2016!

VMP- New Year Good Gear! A Web Biz that ROCKS!  |  Another Win |  Life Saving Technology SES Online Training  |  Casey Stars Again!…...

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Lighting Your Video Production

Back lighting, key lighting, fill lighting or 3 point lighting? Here are VMP's top tips on lighting your film - whether it's a professional video production or shot on a smartphone!

Video Production Lighting Techniques Have you ever filmed a bit of video with your phone and thought, “This looks amazing!”…...

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DIY Green Screen

VMP shows you how to create stunning animations and visual effects with your very own, DIY chroma-key green screen at home!

We love chroma-key and making the impossible possible at VMP. We regularly film on green screen and for a variety…...

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The Language of Video and Film Production

VMP takes you behind the cameras and through some of the most common film production terms, slang, and lingo!

The Language of Video and Film Production With the end of financial year the team here at VMP have been…...

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VMP Winter Newsletter 2015

Brisbane video production company VMP takes you through winter 2015!

Bring on Summer! It’s been a busy few months in the VMP office with a truckload of shoots, TVC’s eLearning…...

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Shooting Tips: Filming Children and Animals on Set

It's a fact that working with children and animals is a perilous job. We put together a few tips and tricks for filming children and animals with no tears!

Working on set with children and animals “Never work with children or animals’ is an age old film business adage.…...

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How to Speak to a Graphic Designer: The Language of Graphic Design

VMP presents a guide to the language of graphic design to help you achieve your final design!

Here at VMP we love our graphic designers. They are creative, inspired people who can sometimes frustrate you. Not because…...

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How To: Shooting an Interview in a Tight Space

VMP takes you through shooting an interview under less-than-ideal conditions!

The VMP team are no strangers to interview filming, nor are we strangers to tight spaces as the world of…...

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Shooting Event Videos: Raise Attendance, Impress Clients

VMP's top tips for keeping it creative, unique, and simple when shooting event videos

At VMP we love events! Unfortunately instead of attending them for fun we usually end up as the people running…...

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VMP How To: Your First Corporate Video

VMP's top tips for planning, shooting, and producing your corporate video production

Here at VMP one of our most in demand video styles is corporate video production. Many of our clients are…...

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