Through The Lens: What to Wear in Front of a Green Screen

Through The Lens: What to Wear in Front of a Green Screen

Through the lens

VMP Productions breaks down the dos and dont’s of green screen fashion.

We definitely aren’t the first ones to say that when it comes to using a green screen, the benefits are endless! From being cost-effective, to easily accessible, to allowing you to expand your creative realms; filming with green screens is a great option for every content type. However, there is one major factor that can make or break your green screen content: your outfit! We’re not here to be fashion police! But we do know a thing or two about how colours, fabrics, and even hairstyles can impact the effectiveness of filming in front of a green screen.

Today, we take you through all the do’s and don’ts of green screen wardrobes, to ensure you get the most out of your filming.

Colour of Clothing

Perhaps the most obvious factor to consider when it comes to green screen fashion is the colour of your clothing. Green screens work by digitally removing the green background and replacing it with a new image. However, as you can probably guess, if the subject is also wearing green, then they too will disappear! So, always remember: NO GREEN!!

However, the rules of colour aren’t confined to simply “no green”. White and black clothing can also cause issues with how you appear on screen. With white reflecting more light than other colours, the lights in the studio can easily reflect off your clothing and give you a strange glowing look. On the contrary, black reflects so little light that it can make you look formless on camera. Not exactly ideal! So, we suggest wearing deep jewel tones like the ones below. Not only do they appear well on camera, but they still provide enough colour to add some creativity and excitement to your video, rather than wearing boring greys and neutrals!

Fabrics and Patterns

So we now know what colours to look for, next up is the fabric. As a blanket rule, avoid wearing any fabrics that consist of crazy patterns. We’re guessing you don’t want to know the intricate details of how patterns become distorted on camera in a green screen environment. But just trust us when we say that you’re leopard print shirt is going to create a wavy, shimmery effect that won’t appear well in post.

Another important tip when it comes to choosing the fabric of your clothes is to consider the temperature of green screen studios. As the subject, you’re going to be standing under a number of studio lights which can get quite hot after some time. We recommend wearing thinner, lighter fabrics that not only shed the heat but also make you appear less bulky than heavy fabrics would. Take the NRL Pick’Em Videos that VMP Productions completed for SportsBet for example. Lead presenter Sam Thaiday has chosen lightweight fabrics that don’t include any distracting patterns – and no green clothing! Double win!

Hair and Accessories

Beyond clothing choices, the way in which you style your hair and accessorize your outfits can also be detrimental to your green screen appearance. As explained above, removing the green background in post-production can be an intricate process that is made more difficult by messy or elaborate hairstyles. Presenters who have frizzy or puffy hairstyles make it more difficult for the editor to cut around these flyaways in post. We recommend sticking to a flat, neat hairstyle and if you naturally have frizzier hair, just invest in some trusty hairspray and it’ll do the trick!

Another important note when it comes to filming in front of a green screen is how you accessorize your outfit. Little things like dangling earrings reflecting light or scarves muffling your microphone can all cause issues in the studio. Even glasses can be extremely reflective so if contacts are an option, we would recommend them.

Generally, the simpler the better, as seen in VMP’s Dawson Electric video, where our presenter has chosen a neat, combed hairstyle and small stud earrings to accessorize her outfit.

Overall, when it comes to dressing for green screens the simpler the better: simple colours, simple fabrics, simple accessories. Above all, choose something that you feel comfortable and confident in and this will carry through on screen!

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