New Year, New Training: How Can Videos Up Your Corporate Training in 2023?

New Year, New Training: How Can Videos Up Your Corporate Training in 2023?

I think we’ve all had the experience of sitting in a room or on a Zoom call listening to someone deliver training from a script that has been used countless time; a real Death By PowerPoint situation. However, the landscape has changed significantly, with video and multimedia assets increasingly being used with online training. With facts like 95% of viewers retain a message in a video vs 10% when that same message is in text, it’s hard to fight against the power that video can play in learning outcomes. Moreover, making videos that directly reflect scenarios that can arise at work will improve the responsiveness and results of your employees when it happens in real time.

We’ve come up with some key points that breakdown why video scenarios can be so effective in your corporate training, and what makes them stick with your employees long after the training is done.

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When learners use multiple senses to grasp a concept, it allows for more cognitive connections. Specifically, videos appeal to those with a visual (spatial) learning style and when combined with quizzes and text-based content, learners utilise multiple parts of their brain, remembering more information.

Demonstrate Case Studies and Procedures

Videos are a great way to reinforce information that has already been conveyed in text, especially pieces of text that are lengthy to consume, such as lengthy and in-depth procedural outlines. Furthermore, it can illustrate what not to do, such as workplace health and safety policies and procedures, and help learners visually identify mistakes that they see in the video.

Check out this video for more benefits of corporate training videos:

Creating Engagement with Effects

Video doesn’t have to mean coming to your office, filming the training, and editing it together. Effects and animation are useful tools when it comes to communicating abstract visual concepts or complicated processes – and it looks cool! For example, VMP along with our sister company VMP eLearning created a series of animations for the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs “So, You Want to be a Councillor” course, providing those who wanted nominate themselves for local council with appropriate information regarding their obligations as a candidate. Winning a Platinum LearnX Live! Award in 2020 for Best Certification Training Project, the animations were used in conjunction with traditional video testimonials and online training modules to inform but not overwhelm the candidates.

Accessible on Multiple Devices

Videos that can be accessed across desktop, laptops, tablets, or mobile – at home or at the office – promote the training as easily doable and easily achievable! Encouraging a positive and successful learning environment starts with making sure your employees can complete the training, which the flexibility of video offers. Extending beyond digital accessibility, videos with voice over or speaking allow for the use of closed captions as well, which is hugely beneficial for those that are deaf or hard of hearing, or people with dyslexia, attention disorders, or other disabilities.

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