VMP Winter Newsletter 2022

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VMP Winter Newsletter 2022

While it’s been a struggle to get out of bed in these cold winter mornings, we persevered and made it in anyway to produce some incredible content for our clients! The comfort of rugging up in our favourite sweaters and indulging in hot choccies have got us through this busy season, especially when finalising our EOFY projects. As Spring approaches, let’s recap the Winter that was at VMP!

AEIOU Foundation // Educational Animation Videos

VMP were very excited to work with AEIOU Foundation on an important series of educational materials surrounding the diagnosis of Autism in children, and how it can impact on their families as they begin to implement effective management and educational strategies. The animated video content will be incorporated into training modules and workshops, as part of resources being developed by AEIOU to educate parents, allied health professionals and childcare workers, on Autism awareness, early interventions and management strategies. Once the storyboards got the tick of approval, our animator Cindy and graphic designer Logan had fun designing the characters and assets for each video. Topics ranged from the distinct stages of childhood development and different types of behaviour including, attention, motivation, self-care, escape, reinforcement, and sensory behaviour. Using animation is an incredible method for illustrating key teaching concepts in a digestible, engaging way and we hope that these videos will have a positive impact on the lives of many.

AEIOU Foundation - VMP Educational Animation Videos

Triple M Tray Bodies // Culture Video

VMP were delighted to produce a culture video for one of our favourite clients, Triple M Tray Bodies, which showcases the unique character and enormous potential of the business. Filming took place at Triple M’s headquarters and aimed to get a look into ‘a day in the life’ of employees at the company. We captured footage of staff in different departments at the company including assemblers, spray painters, welders, CNC operators in the factory to staff in the office and café. It was wonderful to interview a variety of these staff members and hear their stories about the business’s real care for the team and their families. Once filming had wrapped, our team cut the grabs and overlay, added sound design, and the Triple M logos to bring the video to life. The production is being used across socials, employment services and the Triple M website, to encourage job seekers to apply for a role with the company. Many thanks to Clint, Paul, Michael and the team at Triple M Tray Bodies for choosing VMP to produce the video and for building a great Australian manufacturing business. You can view the full video by clicking HERE.

Triple M Tray Bodies - VMP Company Culture Video Production

Fair Food Futures // University of Queensland // Podcast Production

A group of researchers from the University of Queensland approached VMP with the vision to produce a podcast series called ‘Fair Food Futures: experimenting with a better way forward’. The podcast has grown out of a larger research project that has spanned over 3 years and each of the 7 episodes discusses the pathways to food justice. During August, our senior sound designer and editor Liam facilitated 5 recording sessions. Many guest speakers from various community food networks were welcomed into our studio. It was great hearing from these speakers who shared their stories, strategies, opportunities and challenges in their quest towards fairer access to and sustainable production and consumption of food in Australia. Liam is currently in the midst of sound sweetening and cutting together each episode and we can’t wait to hear the complete series! Many thanks to Kiah, Joanna, Daniel and the team of researchers for choosing to work with VMP.

University of Queensland - VMP Podcast Production

Department of the Premier and Cabinet // Queensland Greats Awards 2022 // Event Videos

The Queensland Greats Awards recognises extraordinary Queenslanders who have made a long-term contribution to, or whose achievements have significantly impacted, the history and development of Queensland. VMP were thrilled to capture the stories of the social justice advocates, STEM pioneers, artists, and medical specialists at the ceremony held on Queensland Day during June. The final campaign consisted of a long form event video and a series of individual recipient videos, which aim to encourage people and institutions to nominate for the 2023 Awards. As always, it was a pleasure working with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. You can view the full event video by clicking HERE.

Queensland Greats Awards - VMP Event Video Production

It’s been a busy season at VMP, however we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store! If you’d like to be featured in next quarter’s newsletter, get in touch with the VMP team today to talk to the Brisbane video production experts about your next production!

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