VMP Blog – Shooting in a Studio vs. On Location: Which is Best for your Video Production?

VMP Blog – Shooting in a Studio vs. On Location: Which is Best for your Video Production?

So, you’ve decided to film a video… one of the first and most important decisions you will make is whether to shoot in-studio or on–location. Whilst there are advantages and disadvantages to both options, your final decision will be determined by a number of factors including; the size and scope of the project, the message you want to convey, your budget, set requirements, and other external factors. Let’s take a look through what option might suit you best!

Advantages of a Studio Shoot

Control Over Your Environment

The principal advantage of shooting a video inside a studio is the control that you have over your environment. You can build a set exactly how you envision, use a green screen to digitally create your environment and can regulate the sound and lighting conditions. You won’t have to worry about weather or if your production requires filming over multiple days. Additionally, external noises (like the dreaded “holding for plane!”) are generally avoided as studios are mostly sound insulated or fully soundproofed. The lighting and sound conditions can be controlled by the crew, so that each scene is lit consistently.

Scheduling & Availability

With studio shoots, you will find it easier to schedule dates for filming. After contacting a production manager (like our friendly PM Jordan Randle), you simply liaise with them regarding availability and your preferred dates for filming. Once you have both come to an agreement, the production manager can book you in (days or months in advance), giving you peace of mind. Shooting on-location poses more logistical problems. Deciding where to shoot is the first hurdle. Location scouting can be a timely process especially if you’re scouting multiple sites to see which one best fits your criteria. Once a location has been chosen, you then need to check availability. With indoor locations, there may be less availability, particularly if the location is hired out for events, is a workplace or only available at the owner’s convenience. For public locations, like shopping malls and parks, permits are usually required which can take days or weeks to be approved.

Privacy & Security

If you choose to shoot in a studio, it is likely to be more secure and private than choosing to film on location, especially outdoors. The added privacy of a studio shoot compared to a location shoot enables the producer to control who is around the shoot. Studios offer more privacy and minimal distractions, so your team can focus on the task at hand. Ensure that you factor in storage and how much equipment your production will require, especially if filming over multiple days. Another benefit of shooting in a studio is that you can store the equipment overnight in a secure location and leave the equipment in position for the next day.

Check out the video below which was filmed in the VMP studio and make sure you stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog which will be released in a fortnight and where we will discuss the advantages of shooting on location.

Watch the Queensland Day Video which we filmed in the VMP Studio:

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