VMP Blog – Part 2: Shooting in a Studio vs. On Location: Which is Best for your Video Production?

VMP Blog – Part 2: Shooting in a Studio vs. On Location: Which is Best for your Video Production?

In our last blog, we outlined some advantages of shooting in a studio (In case you missed it, you can read it here!) We didn’t forget about the pros of shooting on location, so if you’re still weighing up the decision to film in a studio or do a location shoot, read along and it may help you with your choice!

Advantages of a Shooting On Location

Setting the Scene

The aesthetics of a video are every bit as important as the words you speak, and the location can play a significant part in the message you want to convey.  If you decide to shoot at work or home or a community hub, you get to interact with interested parties – whether it’s potential investors, corporate video clients or members of the public who are keen to start a career in the film industry – it all works towards building a bigger and better brand for yourself. After all, if you’re proud of your work environment, why not show it off! Whilst finding the perfect location may seem daunting at first, you can be rest assured that if you’re looking at working with us on any production, the producers at VMP will collaborate with you to discover the right location and atmosphere for your video.

Comfort & Confidence

For many, the thought of being in front of a camera can be a nerve-wracking experience. If your video features employees, they are more likely to feel relaxed when in an environment that they are familiar with for example, their office desk or workstation, rather than a brightly lit studio. Feeling comfortable and confident will translate to a much better video for the audience. They will see your employees as people who know what they are doing and are more likely to click on your video to watch it!

Endless Space

Studios limit you to the space within the four walls. Even the largest studios may lack the space that you need to shoot certain scenes. The possibilities are endless if you decide to shoot on location, as you can choose a place which suits your needs. Location shoots allow you to work with multiple engaging backdrops, for example, moving from an office to a balcony and any surrounding areas that are special to your story. Putting a good ole pot plant in the background always enhances a shot, and utilising what is on location can save you time and money in the set-design department. Our team of Producers have been in the game long enough to know a few good locations in and around Queensland, so we love assisting our clients in sourcing these spaces to really jazz up their corporate video requirements.

Check out the video below which was shot on location at Triple M Truck Bodies by VMP.

Watch the Triple M Culture Video which we filmed On Location:

What Is Best For My Project?

Filming in a studio versus on location is dependent on project scope and your desired outcome. Some productions suit a studio more than others – for example, presenter-based content is generally better filmed in a studio, as opposed to a corporate culture video which is more likely to be filmed on location. For either option, VMP has all the resources available (including our own studio with a green screen) to help you achieve the best result for your production and provide some much-needed peace of mind throughout the whole process.

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