Why Webinar Production Should Be Your Next Investment – VMP Brisbane

Why Webinar Production Should Be Your Next Investment – VMP Brisbane

Webinar production became a key educational tool across the world, as in-person events and conferences moved online amidst the pandemic. If you want to establish your company as an industry expert, educate your audience on products and services, build relationships with potential clients, or increase brand awareness, then a livestreamed event or webinar production might just be for you. If executed correctly, webinars have been proven to be better than any in-person seminar or training session.

If you aren’t already leveraging webinars to grow your business, VMP Brisbane can help you!

Reach a Wide Audience

Near, far, wherever you are, people can join webinars from anywhere, reaching far more people compared to in-person conferences and events. You can still share videos, graphics and slideshows, even host polls or ask questions through live chat functions, making your audience feel as though they’re in the room with you. Webinars can also be recorded, so if some attendees cannot make it to the live webinar, they can re-watch the recording at a time that suits them. The convenience and flexibility of webinars and livestreams is appealing to everyone, particularly in our time-poor society and during a time where work from home and socially distancing from others is still widely adapted.

Cost Effective

As webinars are all digital, there is no need to worry about the costs associated with venue hires, catering, travel, conference materials and labour, making them affordable for many different companies. If you’re hosting a webinar production, you can choose a format, be that a single or multiple speaker event, an interview or a combination, that is suited to your budget and strategic goals. Additionally, recording your webinar enables you to repurpose the video into marketing collateral such as short social media videos or convert it into a podcast or series of blog posts. This can save you time and money that you would otherwise need to spend for content creation.  

Generate New Leads

Lead generation is crucial for any company’s survival, but we know finding new leads is always easier said than done. By hosting webinars, you can collect details such as names, emails, and phone numbers during the registration process (with the attendee’s permission of course!). Through the simple act of registering, these attendees automatically become high-quality leads because they have shown interest in your webinar and are aware your brand exists. This gives your company the opportunity to nurture and move them through the sales funnel and in turn, increasing both your client list and conversion rates. 

Increase Authority

Expert speakers are always a great way to attract more attendees to events and since people can attend webinars from all over the world, so can experts too. With domestic and international travel eliminated, you can invite industry experts to present more regularly. Not only does this boost your authority and influence, but also positions your business as a professional in the industry. Therefore, when your attendees need a service that your company can deliver, they are more likely to think of yours.

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