How to Level Up Your Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos

How to Level Up Your Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are a great way to bring new audiences, customers, or clients to a growing business in Brisbane. But with our feeds so saturated with video content, how can you make an impact on your target audience? Here are 3 tips for doing just that!

Stand out

How do you stand out from the crowd? A good start is to look at what your competitors are creating and breaking away from conventional content. You may want to interview a staff member as it‘s a great way of showing your company skills and assets. A great way to make a simple interview stand out is to film your interviewee in the context of their daily role, doing tasks relevant to their profession. For example, a chef working in the kitchen during service, an engineer looking at plans or a sales rep doing a vogue style walk and talk. This is a much more dynamic and eye-catching way of presenting an interview.

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Do a Demo

Demo videos are a great way to show off a product or service to a broad audience. If your company sells a product show it in action. This creates very dynamic video marketing and helps customers envision how they can implement your product into their daily lives. If you are a service or consulting company, create a video that demos the step-by-step process of working with your company, explaining why you are unique from your competitors.

Connect with a story

Nothing sells like a story. Whether you tell the story of your business or a positive experience with a customer. People like to connect with a human tale; creating a marketing video that tells a heart warning or exciting story will have a greater reach and leave a lasting impact. Changing a simple line from “we give great service“ to “we have operated for 25 years as a family run business, that‘s why we also give great service“ will add that little bit of story to your marketing videos!

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