VMP Spring Newsletter 2020

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VMP Spring Newsletter 2020

Sing out for spring! For what a beautiful season it has been – we’ve seen an easing of restrictions and reuniting of loved ones across borders, as well as beautiful sunny weather (not to be confused with the summer humidity you find yourself experiencing right now). At VMP we have been very busy working across a slate of fantastic projects for a range of clients, so with a ‘spring’ in our step (sorry for that..) let’s take a look back at Spring 2020!

Queensland Parliamentary Service // Opening of Parliament 2020 // Event Filming

Last month saw the Opening of the 57th Queensland Parliament and VMP were honoured to be invited back to film the opening proceedings. A team of 4 of our finest attended the ceremony to capture event footage including the Governors arrival, as well as the Garden Party held on the Speaker’s Green, after official proceedings were concluded of course. VMP filmed the Opening ceremonies back in 2018 and 2016, so we are very thankful that Queensland’s recovery from COVID-19 and the easing of restrictions have allowed us to participate in the momentous occasion once again.

Mountain View Productions // Below Deck S8 // Studio Interviews

Who doesn’t indulge in a little Reality TV from time to time? VMP were delighted to be asked to help film some cast interviews for the Bravo reality show Below Deck. Because of interruptions from COVID-19, some cast members had to rush home to Australia, but visited VMP Studio to participate in interviews held remotely with the producers zooming in from LA. We can’t wait to tune in for some epic sailing charter drama in Season 8!

EO Brisbane // Event Filming // Video Production

VMP has also been in attendance at some excellent events run by the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Brisbane to capture the events and interviews with members for EO’s social media. Special guest appearances include sessions from Steven Bradbury, winner of the 2002 Winter Olympics short track speed skating 1,000m (after all his competitors stacked the final corner!), and Philip St Baker, leading innovation in the global power and battery industry. Thanks to EO Brisbane for inviting us to be a part of these amazing events!

Timber Queensland // Coo’ee Advertising // Photography Production

Our good friends at Coo’ee advertising sure do throw us some great projects. Recently they asked us to produce a series of photos for Timber Queensland as part of an exciting advertising campaign. The shots captured and edited by VMP looked phenomenal when featured as full page ads in the Courier Mail. Thanks to Neill and the team at Coo’ee and Timber Queensland.

Australian Army // Pre-Command Course – Canberra // Webinar Production

Our work alongside the Australian Army took us all the way down to Canberra in November 2020 for a two-week stint filming and streaming a series of webinars. Our VMP representatives got to rub shoulders with some of the Army’s best and brightest as they delivered a series of engaging seminars on their roles as Commanding Officers in the Defence Force. With our local partner Newcast, we were able to successfully stream each presentation to remote participants and include a variety of multimedia content such as Prezi Presentations, PowerPoints and Videos. A special feature of the event was the fact that remote participants were able to effectively engage with their peers and mentors in Canberra despite the thousands of kilometers between them. We are very proud of the solution that was developed and look forward to producing more content with the Army into the future.

That’s the VMP newsletters done for 2020! We’re on deck until the 18th December 2020 and will return Monday 4th January 2021. It’s been a hell of a year (all things considered) and we are so thankful to all of our clients who we’ve worked with throughout 2020. So have a very Merry Christmas and a festive New Year. Here’s to 2021!

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