Advertising video production for small business success


Advertising video production for small business success

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VMP shares some great advertising video production tips for your small businesses.

Reaching your audience through effective marketing is essential for any small business. Having a great product, an inviting office location and an excellent team of professionals is a fantastic start – but it could all get lost if no one hears about it!

Knowing how to position your business towards your desired customer base through a considered and engaging video production could be the key to reach those sales targets and get people talking – And it may even be easier and more affordable than you think!

VMP have built our reputation over 24 years, producing quality and affordable marketing and corporate video (see our Portfolio), which help small businesses find their unique audience. So, here is some helpful information to help you get started with business video marketing on get on the fast track to success!

Why choose video?

Video is the best way to say a lot with a little. Engaging video will grab your audience’s attention and make it easier than any other method for them to learn about and see your business in action. There are endless ideas when it comes to video and digital marketing content, and a survey by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) suggests that 81% of respondents agreed interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content. Additionally the interactive experience enhances brand retention and results in repeat visitors. But no matter what your business has to offer, the right creative approach to advertising video production, with some help from the right distribution platform, will see massive returns and increased engagement with your business.

What’s your budget?

Business video production does not have to be an exorbitant hit to your monthly budget – because effective video marketing is about what you say and how you convey a message, not how much you have to spend. Decide on roughly how much you want to spend and convert that into a creative solution that achieves you goal messages without breaking the bank.

What do you want the audience to know?

Think about the main objective of your marketing and what you need the audience to know about your business. Keep it simple. You don’t need try and tell the audience absolutely everything in one video. Instead just focus on a couple of key points that will get your target audience excited to take action and find out more.

What platform is best?

The final step in curating an effective video marketing campaign is to distribute your content on a platform that will get plenty of views from your target audience. For the budget savvy, social media starts free as a great way to get your content out there (if you are clever at positioning it well). Also try paid promotion on social media, starting out at a small budget of a few dollars daily and see how your reach grows. Of course, not every platform will be best suited to your target demographic at all – and perhaps you’ll need to consider other routes such as website video, television or paid advertising – but we can help you figure out the best approach to take that fits your content and target demographic.

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