Watch and learn! Training video production to grow your business

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Watch and learn! Training video production to grow your business

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At VMP we are big believers in the power of video…I mean, it’s what we do everyday! One of the reasons we feel this way, is because video can capture the attention of an audience like no other medium within seconds. Which is why we think video is the perfect platform to deliver quality and custom training content with little fuss and a lot of fun for all involved.

Let the VMP team show you how training video production can massively help to engage your learners and re-energise your business’ approach to effective, professional training.

Why do I need training video production? 

The benefits of video are infinite when it comes to developing training material and replacing (or enhancing) traditional instructor-led training. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text (Insivia). Video is engaging and can be tailored to the target audience, leading to increased viewer interaction and information retention.

Training video production is a cost-effective way to present key training material all wrapped up in an engaging video. A one-off production cost provides a final product that can be used repeatedly for current and future audiences. Without the need of on-going and repeated instructor lead classes, you’ll save on your training budget in the long run by having a training video production which is future proof and caters to your business training needs.

Training videos are also more accessible to your audience as they can be viewed anywhere, any time! By making training available to learners on demand, they can engage with training on their own device whenever they want to. Viewers can also easily re-watch training videos in order to better grasp concepts or refresh their memory later.

So, let’s look at some different types of training video productions that will WOW your audience, shall we?

Types of training video production 

Scenario Videos
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Scenario videos are great for presenting important information quickly within the context of a relevant workplace situation. Scenarios show the viewer how they should or should not respond to certain workplace challenges, by highlighting and investigating the situation through a narrative and the actions of characters.

Demonstration Videos
Demonstration training video production VMP Blog Link
Click the image to view an example video.

Similar to a scenario video, a demonstration training video is a more straight forward video presentation that outlines a method or procedure from start to end, explaining to the viewer how it should be done. This is an effective training solution for simple processes that follow a set of directions, but is less effective than a scenario video for situations that may require more creative thinking or problem solving.

SPW Animation video production example VMP Blog
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Animation can do it all as the perfect, low cost solution for a diversity of training situations. Animated training videos can depict training situations without needing to physically capture them on video. For example, animation can be used to provide training in dangerous situations – or as a low cost alternative to alleviate the logistics of live-action filming. Animation also allows you to giver your training videos a unique creative look and feel, limited only by your imagination!

Explainer Videos & Infographics 
VMP Live Sketch Animation training video production example
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Explainer videos are generally short, digestible pieces of content that present a topic in a simple way. They generally rely on effective visuals and infographics with voice over or music, with the main goal of condensing information into n easy to understand training video. These can be animated, (like our favorite live-sketch videos) or uncorroborated live action people and products with motion graphics.

Interactive Video
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Click the image to view an example video.

Last, but certainly not least – interactive training videos. These have limitless potential to create a fun, unique and engaging user experience for all learners! Interactive videos solicit the viewer to engage directly with training through any number of techniques – such as 360 degree video, virtual and augmented reality, or branching video. Different learner types thrive from different mediums, and often the hands-on approach offered by interactive or game-like content (gamification) leads to better engagement and learner retention than traditional video platforms.

With so many tasty options to add to your basket, you now have all the know how to start assessing your training needs and begin the exciting journey of training video production!


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