VMP Autumn Newsletter 2020

VMP Autumn Newsletter 2020

VMP Autumn Newsletter 2020 video media production

OMG 2020! A continuing whirlwind of trials and tribulations as the year hurtles forth, from devasting bushfires into a virus pandemic. The VMP team have been working from home since mid March and keeping mostly to ourselves. But! We are all carrying on as best as we can and are lucky to have had some exciting social-distancing friendly projects to work on! So without further ado… here is a wrap up of Autumn at VMP.

Queensland Office of the Information Commissioner // Privacy Awareness Week // Launch Video

This month VMP welcomed Mr Phil Green, Privacy Commissioner of Queensland into our socially distanced studio to shoot and produce video content for the launch of Privacy Awareness Week 2020 (4 – 10 May). This year PAW focused on the message ‘be smart about privacy’ and encouraged the community to better understand their privacy rights and responsibilities in the digital age. Check out more information about Privacy Awareness Week and watch the video by clicking here!

Privacy Awareness Week

Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs // Councillor Induction Training // Animation Production

We’ve had an absolute blast creating some more outstanding infographics, illustrations and animations to integrate into an eLearning course we are developing with the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs as an induction for all new Queensland councillors. The animations utilise a live sketch style, which we love as an effective tool to communicate learning content through an engaging visual experience. The unique illustrations and animated infographics will also help make the course a more memorable experience

VMP Animation production DLGRMA Councillor Training video production

sinconline // NSW Council Compliance Training // Video Production

Another great project we are developing with Kath Roach and the team at SINC Solutions, for their new eLearning offering sinconline, has had us produce a suite of dynamic video scenarios. These will be part of the course we are creating to provide compliance training to NSW councils and were a lot of fun to script, shoot and edit. Special thanks to a talented cast and hard-working crew to bring the series of awkward conduct situations to life!

VMp sinconline video media production

Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council // Court Link // Promotional Video

We’ve just wrapped on a video VMP is producing for the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council to promote the excellent Court Link service, which provides support to people who are on bail and going through the courts. It was great to get back out on location at Brisbane’s Magistrates Court and we look forward to putting it all together in the edit!

VMP QSAC Coutlink video media production

As we hopefully move back into some normal routine in life, VMP is excited to tackle our upcoming production work and create some excellent video for our clients. If you are also counting down the days until regular business resumes and looking to relaunch your business, please get in touch today to chat or get a quote. We would love to help make your message hit the mark!