Corporate Training Videos – Which ones are right for you?

Corporate Training Videos – Which ones are right for you?

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The need for engaging workplace training has never been more evident. The COVID-19 era has shown us that an enthusiastic workforce can deliver their services beyond anyone’s expectations, no matter where they’re working from… as long as they’re trained effectively! With face-to-face training out of the picture for the moment, companies are stepping up their migration to eLearning platforms, instructional videosinteractive assessments and of course, training videos. Achieving a great result (and an improved return on investment) with your corporate training is so much easier when video is utilised! So, we thought we’d take you through some different types of training video production and help you decide what product is right for your business! 

Type 1 – Instructional Videos

Got a process driven business where there’s no room for error? Instructional videos are probably for you! These videos utilise key elements such as animation and demonstrations from subject matter experts to ensure the audience understands the importance of following a process correctly. These videos are usually captured on location and will highlight each step in your selected process through closeup demonstration shots and pieces to camera (or voiceovers – depending on your preference). Professional photography can also be used. 

Type 2 – Corporate Training Videos

Corporate training videos are generally produced to be an overarching snapshot of company practices. In other words, they’re most popular for induction seminars and online courses. These kinds of videos give a general overview of services like HR, Payroll, Management Heirachy and Reporting processes. Corporate training videos are also a great opportunity for the company owner, CEO or heads of department to introduce themselves to new employees through personal statements given at the start or throughout the presentation. 

Type 3 – RTO Course Videos

If you’re a registered training organisation (RTO) and are looking to compile your content online, this may be for you! By uploading professionally recorded versions of your lectures and presentations that include powerpoint slides and other reference content you can engage your students while they’re unable to venture into the classroom. Or, if you’re looking for a more wholistic approach to transferring your entire course online, talk to our team at VMP eLearning 

So, if you’re looking to get ahead of COVID-19 and ensure your workforce will come back stronger than ever, corporate training can helpOf course, if you’re ever looking for a quality training video production company – look no further than VMP! We’ve created countless training videos over the years and really enjoy future-proofing a business’s training procedures.

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