Preparing for EOFY: Corporate media production you need today!

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Preparing for EOFY: Corporate media production you need today!

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Oooooh – guys, it’s almost end of financial year! You know what that means? Spending your tax return on things you don’t need! (I.e. that weird exotic lizard that’s been staring at you from the pet shop window every time you walk past to do the groceries). Overly specific examples aside, EOFY provides large companies and government organisations with the ability to spend some cash on materials they don’t generally have their minds on during the rest of the year – like corporate media production! So, to aid your transition into the 2020-2021 financial year, VMP has put together a list of media productions you should consider for your EOFY budget. 

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Videos are our bread and butter here at VMP Brisbane. We love working with our clients to learn more about their business and what makes them tick. Developing a quality video production with great cinematography, sound design, graphics and animation all work together to ensure a fantastic result for our clients, and an increased online presence. We have an entire team of Brisbane based media professionals here and ready to assist you with any corporate video production needs, a customised studio space, world-class equipment and a strong team of producers who are excited to guide you through the production process.  

Professional Corporate Photography

Our resident Photographer Tony Speed has over a decade of media production experience and is one heck of a nice guy! Tony works with our clients to truly capture the essence of their business and can take any number of situations and turn them into works of (photographic) art. Our photography portfolio includes anything from corporate headshots and corporate office photos to artwork documentation, product photography and event photography. 

Social Media Video Suite

If a single corporate video doesn’t seem like your kind of vibe, why not give a social media video suite a go? Usually made up of videos between 30 and 60 seconds in length, a social media video suite is designed to cover several points of interest from your business or organisation, and deliver a ‘rapid fire’ of information to a targeted audience on social media. The production of these are similar to a corporate video, but the pre-production process includes defining several different approaches that will work in unison with each other once posted on social media. These can include team member spotlight videos, different business locations or smaller product promo reels. Anything is possible with a social media video suite! 

Explainer Animation

This author LOVES a good explainer animation, especially when they come in the form of a live sketch production. Not only are explainer animations a fantastic way to quickly engage your audience through vibrant colours and beautiful shapes/movements, they’re also a lot of fun to dream up behind the scenes and equally as exciting when you finally get to showcase them to your customers!  

vmp live sketch explainer animation still

An example of some of the live sketch animation we’ve done at VMP!


Of course, our expertise isn’t limited to just the above – we have a full team of in-house creatives who are itching to get started on your next brief. We love End of Financial year as it is a great time to explore your newest ideas and create some really fantastic products – so give us a call at 07 3324 0900 or send us a message. We’re looking forward to exceeding your expectations!

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