VMP Summer Newsletter 2019 – 2020

VMP Summer Newsletter 2019 – 2020

It’s been a wild summer for everyone, but the tenacious Aussie spirit has held us together and we’re rocketing into 2020 with force. Before we jump into it, we just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who’s kept the country safe over the last couple of months, you’re the real MVP’s! Now – onwards to VMP’s Summer Newsletter for 2019 and 2020!

QUT Science & Engineering Faculty // Caterpillar Project // Video & 3D Animation

Creating content that presents the leading edge of technology is always exciting and great challenge. When QUT approached us about creating a video to showcase their research to achieve a safer and more sustainable mining industry, we were intrigued, and really motivated to deliver a great result. We utilized 3D models and animation to match technical specifications plus key interviews from some seriously clever people to create a video that captures the essence of the technology and why it is important. The QUT and Caterpillar team behind this project are amazing and it is a great example of how science can help deliver a sustainable future.

Queensland Department of the Premier & Cabinet // Great Australian Bites // Video Production

Sun, sand and…food!? When the Department of the Premier & Cabinet asked us to quote on filming their annual Great Australian Bites event in Cairns, Townsville and Bargara Bundaberg for Australia Day this year, the first thing we asked was… when can we book the flights? The Great Australian Bites festivals form part of Australia Day celebrations across the state and aim to showcase local restaurants and cultures in the form of a food festival. We captured a variety of musical performances, speeches and restaurateurs enjoying the day and have cut together a small suite of videos which have been showcased on the Australia Day Queensland Facebook and Youtube pages!

If you want to check out other work we’ve done for the Department of the Premier & Cabinet, click here.

Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) // APAC Business Conference // Event Video

Having had a long association with the Brisbane chapter of Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO), VMP was asked to attend their VMP was asked to attend the EO Asia Pacific Regional Event – EO APAC Business Conference which was held on the Gold Coast in December 2019. After three days of event coverage which included capturing keynote speeches, vox pops and the awards evening, we cut together a highlights reel which incorporated a customized graphic style to match the event branding. The video has been distributed among APAC EO members, and will be used to promote future business conference events.

Asthma Australia // eLearning Scenarios // 2D Animation

Asthma Australia approached VMP through our friends at OTrain, a specialist elearning and LMS provider. The team at Asthma Australia wanted three short, scenario-based animations that would appropriately outline what a school teacher should do in the event of one of their students having an Asthma emergency. We collaborated with Asthma Australia to develop characters which appropriately represent the Australian community, as well as scripted scenarios which would convey the correct information but support teachers through the learning experience. The final animations will be released to the public in the coming months, and we hope that they will make a positive difference in the lives of kids with Asthma!

View other animation work on our VFX showreel here.

Tehnika Australia // Light Rail Monitoring Systems Promo // Graphics & Video Production

There are companies across Queensland creating incredible solutions for worldwide issues. We met one of them at the local coffee shop! This led to VMP and Tehnika Australia collaborating on some promotional videos that showcase Tehnika’s revolutionary monitoring technology for light rail services across Australia. With contracts for both Canberra Light Rail and the Gold Coast Light Rail systems, Tehnika wanted to showcase their processes with a short video. One of our resident motion graphics artists, Hamish, put together a polished video which incorporated location footage as well as customized graphics. The video has been well received and the reputation of Tehnika continues to grow, but the moral of this story is you never know who you’re going to meet over a soy latte with  extra shot please.

The VMP Team // 2019 Christmas Party // Axe Throwing!

For our 2019 Christmas Party, VMP swapped the edit suite for target practice at Lumberpunks Axe Throwing West End and realized that perhaps, we’re all a little bit competitive with each other. After the champion of axe throwing was crowned (I SUPPOSE we should say congratulations to Liam for that one), we headed into Southbank to quench our mighty, Nordic thirst with good food and even better beer from Hop and Pickle. After that, well – the night snowballed into karaoke and several games of pool (again, very competitive) – but you know what? It was the perfect end to 2019!