Online Video Marketing Trends: Four Predictions for 2020

Online Video Marketing Trends: Four Predictions for 2020

Well everyone – it’s December. A month of Michael Buble, jumbles of fairy lights and the sudden realisation that we’re almost at the end of 2019. So, with EOY rocketing towards us, VMP thought it was time to look at the internet’s predictions for Online Video Marketing in 2020 and really dig into how they can help your business succeed. Plus, you know – herald in a kind of new age roaring twenties.

Trend Prediction #1 – Online Video will still be king

World tech giant CISCO theorized in 2018 that by 2020, 84% of internet traffic would be generated by video. In our experience, clients have been consistently pushing for suites of bite sized videos that would increase their online profile and engage their customers. Being able to immediately stand out from your competitors in a naturally creative and informative way is super important in the saturated online market – which is why we agree with CISCO, online videos will still reign supreme in 2020.

Trend Prediction #2 – Facebook & Instagram will remove “Likes” – so get ready!

When Instagram announced it was trialing the removal of likes in Australia, it was met with mixed responses. Head of Facebook & Instagram in Australia & New Zealand Mia Garlick stated the reasoning behind the change was to “…remove the pressure of how many likes a post will receive, so you can focus on sharing the things you love”. There are theories surrounding Instagram and Facebook being unhappy with sponsorship deals between brands and influencers while the social media network is cut out – but if we take Mia’s statement at face value, they just want you to connect with your audience by posting things you care about. We think this change is really going to shape the future of social media, so begin to plan by developing content that you love, and you think your audience will love too. Watch this space – we certainly are!

Trend Prediction #3 – Value your audience… and engage with them!

Developing an audience that wants to engage with your brand should be at the top of your “to do” list before going on your summer vaycay. With social media giants like Facebook introducing algorithms that increase eyeballs on posts if they have genuine conversion rates (i.e. high view count) – it means that now more than ever you need to be commenting, liking and messaging those who are loyal to your business. The more organic conversions you get, the higher your post will be in people’s feeds.

Trend Prediction #4 – Creative and customised content will be your best friend.

If you take anything away from this blog, make it this – customize your content to suit your audience. If you take into account everything we’ve talked about, it all leads to generating creative content that inspires your audience to support you and your business. Video is our number one suggestion for content that will work across all platforms, but photography and professional graphic design are a close second and third. Whatever you choose, just remember that your audience wants you to come to the table with interesting ideas and concepts…. So don’t disappoint them!

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