Tips & Tricks – Perfecting the Post Production Process

Post Production Process

Tips & Tricks – Perfecting the Post Production Process

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If you’ve been following the VMP blog, you’ll know that we love writing about making videos, from corporate productions to crowdfunding. We’ve even got you sorted for your planning and pre-production! So now that you’ve planned your amazing video, and hopefully gone out and filmed it, what comes next? Post production, of course!

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Woohoo! Here at VMP, we love the post production process!

The process of post-production is where the magic happens – sometimes even literally. However, it can be daunting to open any editing software and know where to start. But don’t worry! Here at VMP in Brisbane, we know our way around post production. Here are our top tips & tricks to nailing the post production process!

Perfection begins with Production

Nobody likes to hear the phrase ‘fix it in post,’ least of all your editor. Trust me, our lovely post production editors in Brisbane have impressed this on us. So, the best way to make your post production as easy as possible is to nail your pre-production & production! Our top tip is communication among your crew – make sure that you’re getting everything that you need for the edit. Not only that, but things like camera settings (frame rate, resolution, etc) can be the difference between an easy or difficult time in post. So, keep those settings the same across the board. Oh, and don’t forget the importance of data wrangling correctly! An editor can’t edit your video if it doesn’t exist anymore.

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Make sure you’re capturing everything you need!

A Diamond in the Rough (Cut)

Once you’ve got all your footage imported in your editing software, the first step you’ll want to take is creating a rough cut. This means pouring over your footage and selecting the shots you want to use for the final product. Don’t worry too much about effects or music – it’ll come later! For now, it’s all about assembling a rough idea of what you want the video to look like. Once you’re happy with the direction you’re heading in, you can start fine-tuning it.


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This cat is ready to get cutting! (In his editing software, of course…)

Sound It Out

After you’ve created a good vision edit, it’s time to work on sound! It’s been said time and time again that good sound is more important than good vision to keep an audience. Of course, see our first point – recording good sound comes first. But a good sound mix will elevate your video above the rest. Along with the sound that may have been recorded with the video, a sound mix can also include additional sound effects, music, and even voiceover. You don’t want your music blasting over the person speaking in the video, so creating an even sound mix is important. Check out our video on recording clean audio here.


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Would it still be ‘The Sound of Music’ if you couldn’t hear Julie Andrews singing?


Colour Grade = A+

Colour correction and grading never goes amiss in the editing stage. It helps to fix any issues with exposure or white balance that may have happened on set. Not only that, but it also helps you to match shots to each other so the video flows visually. For example, if you’ve been shooting across multiple cameras for an event, colour correction & grading will assist in the cohesion of that footage. By making sure your vision all has the right look and colour tone, all the attention will be on how awesome your edit is, instead of that slightly overexposed shot.

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When your editor sees that one overexposed shot…

Graphics Galore!

…maybe this subheading is a little misleading. Graphics are a great way to support your vision and sound, and give it that professional edge. But don’t go overboard! A title card or animated logo is a great addition to your video, and lower thirds are fantastic where appropriate. Our top tip? If you’re putting a logo or title card at the end of the video, adding a call to action is a great way to get feedback, market your brand, and get eyeballs on your story, business or event!


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