The Future of Event Video – Live Streaming

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The Future of Event Video – Live Streaming

Event video coverage has never been more exciting with the introduction of Live-Streaming!

With more and more consumers wanting their information quicker and more accurate in the online space, live streaming has emerged. It has fast become a fantastic way to showcase corporate events, vlogs, concerts and news to a huge audience at no or low cost to the user. Social Media giants like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all have free live streaming capabilities which have been taken up by audiences and personalities around the globe. At the time of writing, it is reported that around 63% of people aged 18 to 34 watch Live-streaming content regularly, which is pretty significant for a tool which only properly emerged on social media platforms in around 2015/16.

With a select few believing that TV is a dying medium (see also: people who think cinema is a dying medium… curse you Netflix!), businesses are quick to jump onto the Livestreaming bandwagon by showcasing anything from their motivational speeches to grand gala events with celebrity guests and world surfing events. But how do you do it? More importantly… how do you do it WELL?

Choose Your Event Wisely

Well, the general consensus around the office here is select your event wisely. If you want to showcase your business putting its best foot forward, use livestreaming on that massive corporate black-tie event with fancy decorations, great presenters / keynote speakers and a good end result. Sure, you can livestream the weekly staff meeting – but unless you have something unique and exciting happen every week, you don’t want your customers seeing that. You need to WOW them… which brings me to my next point…

Let Professionals Do It!

Use a professional videography company! I mean sure, phones these days have great cameras. But if you end up shooting it portrait rather than landscape, you’re going to have some issues further down the track. Professional videography companies can use technology like a Blackmagic Web Presenter which allows them to livestream high quality footage at the touch of a button. There is also the option of utilizing a multicamera setup and, like a traditional TV broadcast, have a vision mixer/switcher going between camera angles to create an engaging and fast paced live stream experience.

Choose The Right Platform

Finally, my last piece of advice to anyone looking to livestream their event – choose the right platform for your business. You’ve got 100,000 followers on Facebook but only 7 on YouTube? Go Facebook Live. You’ve got 30,000 on YouTube and 31,000 on Instagram? Por qué no los dos my friends! Do your research and make sure the platform you’re choosing is right for you, your subscriber base and your videography company.

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