Going Local: The Benefits of Video Marketing with a Local Company


Going Local: The Benefits of Video Marketing with a Local Company

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The Benefits of Choosing a Brisbane Video Marketing Company

10 Seconds. That’s all the time you have to engage your audience before they lose interest and start Googling memes (Advertising Age, 2013). With numbers like these, coupled with the prolific rise of social media as the all-powerful deity of the twenty-first century, it’s no surprise that video marketing has become the preferred mode of communication. Companies from McDonald’s to your local chippo know this, and the steady rise in online video content goes to show. Simply deciding to engage any video marketing company is far from foolproof, however: how do you know which firm is right for you?

While there is never a one-company-fits-all for your video advertising needs, starting at home is always a promising first step. Check out some of the top benefits of Brisbane over Berlin: or, reasons why you should choose a local video marketing company.

So, Why Go Local?

Look, there are countless benefits to going local with your video marketing services. From efficiency and easy access to a solid bank of knowledge on how things operate locally, partnering up with your local video production company equals greater bang for your buck.

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Spend your hard-earned coins on your video production, not long-distance phone bills

Greater Efficiency

Local production companies tend to focus on a handful of projects at any one time, as opposed to national or multinational firms which have the means to juggle innumerably more. This means they work hard to make sure each project gets completed on schedule, so you can expect a speedy turnover time. Local production companies also tend to have smaller teams housing multi-talented individuals with a well-rounded set of skills. With a such a dynamic and skilled group (if we do say so ourselves, ahem), your entire video production process is made more efficient and personable.

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Easy to Reach

Having a smaller team isn’t just good for the business half of the proverbial mullet – it also makes for ease of communication. As the whole team within easy reach, you don’t have to spend countless hours with telephone elevator-music in your ear to get in touch with the right person.

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Oh Brisbane video production company, you’re so funny

Solid Understanding of the Local Space

Local companies know other local companies – any catering, casting, or venue hire requests and your local production company will have your back. Further, a Brisbane video marketing company will know all of the procedures involved with securing a spot on a Brisbane television or radio station. Leave it to the pros and make use of local knowledge at the same time.

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When it comes to local video production knowledge, VMP has the ideas

Get Real Advice

As a team of Brisbane video marketing specialists, VMP are here to assist you with your video production from execution to the final product. Call us on 07 3324 0900 or send us a message to get in touch for a free quote, a chat, or to discuss any number of our high quality and informative blogs!

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