From Space Travel to Soccer: Kicking Goals with Interactive 360 Degree Video

interactive 360 degree video production Brisbane

From Space Travel to Soccer: Kicking Goals with Interactive 360 Degree Video

Improving Engagement with Interactive 360-Degree Video

Video is widely accepted as one of the most engaging, effective means of communication. As technologies advance and our appetites for the new and improved continue to grow, however, our video storytelling tools have inevitably had to change with the seasons – leaving us with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360 degree video.

In recent years, 360 degree video has transformed visual communication. The spherical videos cover a 360-degree angle of the surroundings, using either a single or multi camera setup of specially equipped cameras to create an immersive video experience.

360-Degree Video Is Everywhere

And it’s popping up everywhere. Once reserved for industry big-hitters and the people who know people, the embrace of 360 degree video by social media platforms has allowed the masses to engage with the medium via means as simple as a tilt-and-scroll method on any mobile phone – no headsets or specialty equipment required. From real estate agents to NASA and hospitality sectors to FIFA, 360 degree video is fast being accepted by the mainstream to share stories, immerse viewers in experiences, and even create effective, realistic online training.

With the latest 5K 360° camera capturing high quality location scenes, VMP are fast becoming frontrunners with this captivating content. We plan to use the exciting new technology to immerse audience and improve retentions and effectiveness of productions. To start our 360 degree video journey, here’s a tour of our headquarters here in Brisbane!


But that’s not all! We have now confirmed exclusive and proprietary software to allow full interactivity within the 360° environment – meaning a future engaging, fully interactive 360 degree videos like this one or this one.

The ability to share stories with 360 degree video extends far beyond an office tour, a novelty trip to a virtual beach, or a test drive through a new apartment, however. With the current standing of video as on of the most effective online training tools available and a large slice of additional strategy, interactive 360 degree video can become the most remarkable development in online training courses in the last decade. It encourages people to ‘look around’, meaning the ability to embed deep learning and hefty amounts of additional information is, well, transformative.

Right now, we are on the cusp of an era of 360 degree video. Huge influxes of 360 degree video content on Facebook and Youtube have brought the medium to the masses. With 360-degree video equipment and VR technologies constantly improving, creating and viewing effective, interactive video content has never been more attainable.


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