VMP Spring Newsletter 2018

VMP Spring Newsletter 2018

As Spring springs and the weather warms up in the sunshine state, Brisbane video production company VMP are swapping our winter coats for a can of Rid and a healthy dose of antihistamines. Check out our newsletter for Spring 2018!

Queensland Government // Training Videos // Animation Project

Coming out on top of a fierce tendering process, VMP won the fantastic opportunity to create a hefty suite of animated training videos for the Queensland Department of Local Government, Racing & Multicultural Affairs. With the goal of developing engaging training packages which capture a wide variety of the personalities and diversity which makes us stronger, our talented animators Myck Stewart, Hamish Bail, Dylan Duffy, Katy Chippendale and Tane Matherson worked overtime to create characters, record voiceovers and bring these animations to life.

The final result was met with a positive reception from council’s around the state, one councilor describing the program; “…the videos are very amusing while at the same time being quite true to life, and the written material is brief, clear and to the point”. We LOVE hearing feedback like this and also want to thank our wonderful voiceover actors who each brought a unique personality to their characters and helped pull the project together.

TOP SECRET: We aren’t able to release these publicly just yet, but check out our VFX showreel for more of our animation work here

Bank of Queensland // Leadership Conference Videos // Video Production

Earlier this Spring, Bank of Queensland asked VMP to help create some engaging introduction videos for their annual retail conference. The aim of the production was to introduce the leadership team to the BOQ Retail team with a good dose of personality injected into each of the videos. The VMP team spent two days of filming on location in Newstead alongside the BOQ Retail Leadership Team. We were also lucky to spend time with BOQ’s new Group Executive – Retail Banking, Lyn McGrath, who expertly navigated her way through two pieces to camera for more detailed presentations.

The final outputs were specifically designed to fit an ultra-wide conference screen and incorporated all BOQ branding, plus some pretty sweet tracks and voiceover. Real-time reports from the retail conference showed the final project on the big screen to positive reviews – which is fantastic, because we loved making them!

While we can’t release these videos yet, you can check out some of our previous work for BOQ here

Asbestos Disease Support Society // ADSS Symposium // Event Videos

VMP was once again delighted to work alongside the Asbestos Disease Support Society to produce four videos for their clients. Much like the videos we produced back in 2016, this seminar series focused on four key speakers who offer advice and support to those suffering from asbestos related diseases. After a day of multi camera filming at Hotel Jen in the city, we edited the videos into bite-sized segments so that the important key messages can reach a wider audience. It was a great experience working the ADSS teams again, and we look forward to continuing this relationship into the future!

Check out the final videos on the ADSS YouTube Channel which is available here

Downer // Emergency Training Videos // Video Production

For the past few months, VMP and resources giant Downer have been working together to create a series of engaging training and safety videos for road crews across the country. The programs focused around emergency training scenarios (which were run in conjunction with longtime friends of VMP QFES), as well as a program called “Looking into the Mirror” which acted like a ‘replay’ for roadwork crews looking to improve their safety and best practice. Each shoot involved a large crew of multiple camera operators, drone cinematography and considerable post production. The final results have been rolled out to Downer employees in a variety of different locations across Queensland and will hopefully ensure the safety of everyone on the road! Watch this space for more work with Downer in the coming months!

Check out the Emergency Training video here

EO Brisbane // EO Chapter Leadership Program Promo // Video Production

The wonderfully inspirational people at EO Brisbane approached VMP about producing a promo video to showcase their Chapter Leadership Program and how it can help members excel in life and their own businesses. The footage was collected in ad hoc fashion over a number of events with meeting scenarios, team building activities, VOX POPS and an impromptu discussion with three key members of the EO board. The premise of empowering board members with new skills in order to receive direct benefit for their service was a great example of the dynamic ethos of this Entrepreneurs Organisation – and VMP was stoked to apply our post production skills to the footage. The video has been released as a part of the chapter newsletter, and the feedback has been super positive.  A big shout out to Hamish Bail & Liam Polmear from VMP who developed a great graphic style to bring the whole thing together.

You can watch the final video here

SS Signs // Timelapse Filming & Promotional Video // Video Production

After an initial yarn over the phone regarding a quick video shoot, a fantastic relationship between VMP and SS Signs (a Cleveland based company) quickly blossomed into two videos for the online promotion of SS Signs! The promotional video centers around the wrapping of a boat with stunning graphics and a revolutionary anti-foul product. The promo video incorporates timelapse, slow motion footage and great shots of the SS Signs team working together to achieve a fantastic result. The fast-paced video was cut together to a fun and engaging sound track and some seriously cool effects by our edit team. We’re currently working on putting together another project with SS Signs, so… we are rapt!

Check out the final SS Signs video on our portfolio here

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