VMP Winter Newsletter 2017

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VMP Winter Newsletter 2017

How to keep warm? Stay busy!

As the weather has cooled down over the past few months, VMP has managed to keep warm by staying (extremely) busy! We’ve completed huge projects, bought new gear, celebrated a number of the VMP team’s birthdays & finished the financial year on a massive high! It doesn’t get much better than this, friends, so sit down, buckle up and enjoy our Winter Newsletter for 2017.

Judge for Yourself // Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council // Interactive Video Production

I know what you’re thinking – how come we’ve not heard about Judge for Yourself before now!? The VMP team has been operating undercover (much like the 007 of the video production world) since January but are now finally letting the cat out of the bag! After planning, casting, filming and editing our Daniel Craig-esque butts off, we’ve created several interactive videos for the online learning program Judge for Yourself.

Concocted in the impressive minds of the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council, Judge for Yourself aims to help the general public understand more about sentencing practices in the Queensland Criminal Justice System. The project has already received a great deal of positive feedback from both the community and the Queensland Government. The program has also been rolled out to high schools and universities. We’re really proud of our work on this project, and thank all of our cast and crew for being involved!


View the full online program HERE

Labour Day March & Conference Video // Queensland Teachers’ Union // Video Production

Here at VMP, we don’t play favourites. However, our long-time clients at the Queensland Teachers’ Union are not only dedicated professionals, but also look great on camera! This year, the VMP team filmed QTU’s annual Labour Day march, as well as a video for their biannual conference which was held in June. The Teachers’ Union supports Queensland teachers and schools, and gives them a voice in issues teachers really care about. For the conference video this year circular dolly tracks were used to create a round table discussion between the heads of the union, covering their achievements in the past two years since their last conference. We always enjoy working with QTU and can see that the future of education in Queensland is in safe hands!


View the Labour Day March video HERE

Queensland Multicultural Month // Queensland Government // Video Production

Queensland Multicultural Month is a State Government initiative that was celebrated throughout the month of August this year. VMP was proud to be selected by Multicultural Affairs Queensland through the Department of Communities, Child Safety & Disability Services, to create a range of videos showcasing the Multicultural Queensland Charter in action. The videos are part of a wider promotion and engagement strategy of the Charter, with one part being their use during the Queensland Multicultural Month celebrations. The Multicultural Queensland Charter (the Charter) established under the Multicultural Recognition Act 2016 promotes Queensland as a united, harmonious and inclusive community.

The Charter is a statement of values and aspirations, recognising our long and rich history of diversity and the strength it provides for our shared future. VMP created eight videos, each featuring an organisation that is making a significant impact on the local community. The Charter video project is an exciting initiative for all of Queensland and the team here at VMP were ecstatic to have had the opportunity to meet such a diverse range of people and showcase the principles in action! The videos will be promoted through the Multicultural Affairs Queensland social media and website in the coming months.


Watch out for the videos on their FACEBOOK or on their WEBSITE

Promotional Photography & Headshots // Scrappi // Photography

We’ve really kicked off our new financial year with some great jobs! Sue-Ellen Watts from acclaimed HR company WattsNext asked us to take some promotional photos for her new startup enterprise, Scrappi – a reverse incubator for great business ideas. Our photographer, Tony found an awesome location in Fortitude Valley for a fun and contemporary shoot that produced some awesome finished photos! Props to Sue-Ellen for taking on another business, which we are sure will be a massive hit. The final photos will be available on the Scrappi website when it goes live!


Keep up with the Scrappi journey HERE

New VMP Website //  Launched June 2017

What, you haven’t heard? VMP has a brand-new website! You may have already noticed – especially if you’re reading this newsletter on our glossy new site as we speak – but we’re very excited to have officially launched our new look back in June. Massive props to Frank Talora, our Graphic Designer, who pulled together a sleek and contemporary design that fits the VMP brand. Let us know what you think by sending us an email!


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