End of Financial Year, EOFYS! – the Mardi Gras of accountants! The silly season of seasoned sale-hunters nation-wide!

We have it on good word from our accountant that this EOFY is set to top all previous years, with unparalleled excitement, festivity and (possibly) the throwing of plastic bead necklaces in the workplace. Never one to pass up an opportunity to celebrate, VMP is getting in on the action with a professionally delicious deal!

From now until June 30, we’re offering FREE Studio Hire for productions initiated in the month of June!* Our purpose built studio is complete with full lighting rig, professional audio/video/photography equipment, full-length green screen and teleprompter to create the most professional and engaging productions possible.

VMP studio is soundproof with silent air conditioning, bathrooms, shower, dressing room, kitchen, Wi-Fi and parking. It features white, blue, green and black backdrops alongside the ceiling-to-floor green screen and is available for hire by the half-day or full day – either dry or with the inclusion of VMP’s in-house equipment for professional video, photography and audio results. Our full crew of experienced camera operators, directors and sound technicians are also available for cost effective hire.

Here at VMP, we have been delivering productions for over twenty years. We have worked with clients such as Bank of Queensland, QLD Government and  TAFE (and hundreds more!) with a team a dedicated and engaged creatives to insure you can capitalize on video’s effectiveness to help your business succeed. We are one of Brisbane’s leading production houses and have the knowledge, experience and passion to create television commercials, corporate, training and promotional videos, photography portfolios and custom eLearning solutions that will get your message across quickly and effectively.

If you’re looking to book our Studio with this awesome offer, call our office on;

(07) 3324 0900 or email us at vmp@vmp.com.au and we can create a customized quote for your production!

More information is available at www.vmpstudio.com.au


* VMP will use it’s discretion when accepting or rejecting clients looking to engage in this promotion

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