5 Reasons Green Screen Can Lift Your Marketing Campaign

5 Reasons Green Screen Can Lift Your Marketing Campaign

Once reserved for big Hollywood blockbusters, the green screen has evolved into an essential tool in the filmmakers kit. First developed for modern cinema in 1940 by a special effects artist named Larry Butler, it has been heavily relied on by filmmakers to enhance their productions and draw in bigger audiences. Nowadays, it has become a very common practice in Cinema, Television Productions and Advertising. We not only use it for moving picture, but also for stills photography, and sometimes even animation. It has evolved as a digital medium, and become more financially viable for people all over the world to take advantage of. Which is why VMP has decided to put together a list of 5 reasons why a green screen is a great advertising tool for your business / startup / YouTube channel / short film or anything else that you can possibly imagine.

Brisbane green screen studio for your next video production

Source: Pan Am: TV Series (2011)

1. It’s cheaper than you think!

What used to be a very expensive luxury that only the biggest of filmmakers can afford has now become a lot cheaper! You still have your top of the line, industrial screens for the likes of The Hobbit or Alice in Wonderland, but you can actually buy pop up ones online from as little as $50.00. These are great for location shooting if you need to get rid of something in the background behind your talent, or just if you need to block out a small space on any set. You can also get into a bit of DIY and make your own! Get yourself a photography backdrop online for as little as $20.00 and hang it from a flat wall, otherwise, if you want a more permanent option, paint a nice flat wall the same shade of green for a similar effect!

2. You can have any background you want!

Locations can be expensive, so why not bring the location to you! Green screen gives you the option to be anywhere in the world. It’s also a really good option if you want a seamless block colour background (such as plain white or a grey). It makes a piece to camera look a hundred more times professional if you have a background that you haven’t had to iron the creases out of!

3. Camera, Lighting and Sound Departments will love you!

Lighting a location to come across well on screen can be very difficult, however, you have a lot more control over the environment if you use a green screen indoors or in a studio. The fact that you won’t necessarily have to worry about the light changing, as well as having more control over exterior sounds and the possibility of curious passers-by (or as we call them in the film industry, ‘GETOUTOFTHESHOT!’) will take stress away from the production, and add an extra element of professionalism to your production.

Brisbane green screen studio for your next video production

An example of VMP putting VMP Studio’s green screen to good use during the production of H1 Digital Education’s training videos, 2016.

4. It’s a massive time saver!

Like we said before, it takes out a lot of unnecessary worrying, therefore you’ll be saving heaps of time from your studio location! You can shoot what you want, where you want, which is great if you have a tight budget and limited time but don’t want to sacrifice the overall quality of your production.

5. Finally… You can be as creative as you want!

With a green screen, the possibilities are endless for your production! Want to superimpose your business logo onto the background? Done! Want to have your talent looking lovingly at each other in the Tuscan sunset while shooting in Brisbane? Done! Guests at your 20th Birthday celebration take full advantage of the bar and demand to swim through space at hyperspeed? Done and done! It really does enhance your professionalism and gives you so many options in post production, which is what you need if you’re paying for post production costs!

Brisbane green screen studio for your next video production

Esteemed guests at VMP’s 20th Birthday celebration enjoy an impromptu Space Swim, 2016.

All in all, the green screen is a tool that allows you to explore beyond the limits of your imagination, and it can really add to the overall quality of any production and puts you one step ahead of your competitors! Check out our video on lighting green screens for more tips.


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