Why shooting events make for the best corporate videos.

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Why shooting events make for the best corporate videos.

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VMP Video Production Brisbane looks at why Event Videos raise attendance, impress clients and are one of the best kinds of corporate videos.

At VMP we love events! Unfortunately instead of attending them for fun we usually end up as the people running around with the camera or interviewing others about how much fun they’re are having. But at least we can review and relive the experience all over again in the edit suites! Event, special function and promotional videos are great fun and can really showcase a product or companies best side. A good event video should be intriguing, captivating and motivating. We’re the pros, so let us give you some advice on what makes VMP Event videos so special.

Story time

As fun as it would be to run around an event with a camera and just go for it, each event has its own purpose. It’s our job to convey that purpose, and every event is different. We’ve done some great high energy videos for corporate gatherings and overlaying awards ceremonies with shots of team building on the beach to some really fun music. We’ve also created videos that pluck at the heartstrings with people sharing personal stories and capturing intimate moments remembering the past. At VMP we find ways to make your story resonate your purpose with impact.

Say What?

This is where our directors like to fluff up their feathers and show off. Every interview has generic questions, such as, “why are you here?” “How did you find out about such and such?” Our directors go the extra mile. They do their research and ask questions to get the best answers and outcome from our interviewee’s. If you’re thinking of making your own event video, make sure there’s some planning involved. Who you put in the field and how they ask questions can make the world of difference. For instance, children love our director Geoff who directed the West Moreton Anglican College videos where we’ve captured genuine laughter and smiles of the kids (awwwwwww), whereas Ian works extremely well in a corporate situations such as our Kinnect video, putting our interviewees at ease and getting great quotes.

Get Involved

Some of our best event footage has seen our camera operators on the dancefloor, the buffet or hanging out the back of 4WDs. Grab shots that really bring your audience into the heat of event. Get creative, clients love a shot that they weren’t expecting. This might mean getting up an above the crowd for a bird’s eye view, or sneaking on stage to grab an impressive crowd shot. Go back to your purpose, what feeling do you want the viewers to have? To become crazy party animals? To reflect? To donate? Know your final message and make sure to grab key shots of this in action.




Call to action!

Monkey see, monkey do… please. This is a pretty simple rule that applies to most marketing videos. If you’ve created something with purpose your call to action should be easy to integrate. Try and make it creative and unique while keeping it simple. Make sure it’s easy for your viewer to get involved, they’ve invested time to watch the video, so they’re probably already on the bandwagon, let them know where to get on.

But wait, there’s more

If you plan well, you can make more than one video out of your footage. VMP recently shot some interviews for one of our clients, first we cut together a promotional video, and then a recruitment video and we are currently considering cutting a PSA. Shoot it right the first time, and you’ll reap the benefits.

Events are tricky. We hope this has helped in your planning for your next event or function video to make it as awesome as it should be.

Remember, VMP is always available to help out with your projects, never hesitate to give us a call for a good yarn! Reach us at 07 3324 0900 or send us a message.

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