VMP Top Tips: How to Vlog

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VMP Top Tips: How to Vlog

VMP How To: Present Your Own Vlog

Here at VMP, we love media production and anything to do with making videos. The weirdos in the office love planning and prepping, our camera operators love the thrill of the shoot and our editors are very content being locked away in their dark little rooms to edit.  Of course, we are very lucky to have a diverse team working together, but we know others like to create as well but don’t have their own production company. We love seeing people create, and one of the easiest ways to create video is vlogging (video blogging).  Web video production has been huge for a long time, Vlogging is a massive trend right now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down, so we decided to share a few tips for those at home Vloggers who want to get out there, take the bull by the horns and create! Here are our top tips on how to vlog, where to vlog, and why to vlog!

Nombre Une: Know Your Stuff

One of the captivating things about Vloggers is they generally don’t follow a script. Instead, they have an idea of what they want to talk about and they go from there. If you l like to rehearse or have a few notes ready, that’s awesome! But the key to Vlogging is keeping it natural, people want to feel like they’re getting to know you, it’s a nice change from videos selling products or brands. Welcome them into your space and to your person.

Nombre Deux: Passion

A high energy level is essential for a Vlog. Let’s be honest, people are watching you to be entertained. Sure you can get cranky, sad, and all manner of bad, as long as you’ve got passion behind it you won’t fail. However, passion is very hard to fake. If you don’t care, pretending to care can be really obvious. Remember, Vlogging is about getting to know the Vlogger, if you’re a fake, people will sniff you out a mile away and avoid you. It’s better to not post a Vlog rather than post something half-arsed. Take a leaf from Vlogger Jenna Marble’s book, prep a few Vlogs for when you have a bad day, or something goes wrong in your own life, then you can post those babies up.


Jenna Marbles on how to vlog

Jenna Marbles on how to vlog.


Nombre Trois: Looky Here

Look the part. Why is Jenna Marbles so popular? Besides her top quality content, she makes sure that she looks the part. Same goes for you. When creating your Vlog, dress the part. If you’re showing people how to cook at home, you don’t need a chef outfit, but you’re also not going to dress in an inflatable T Rex costume, are you? The answer is no (in most cases), for anyone contemplating that. Present yourself in a manner that sends the right message about you.

Nombre Quatre: Looky There

Now that you’re dressed for the part, make sure your location and equipment are too. Choose you’re setting wisely, whether it’s your bedroom, dining room, community hall or kitchen, make sure that the location you are in helps your brand. Then, make sure there is enough lighting, you won’t need anything fancy, just enough to show your face so your viewers can clearly see you.  On that note, make sure they can hear you; no one is going to commit to a Vlogger they can hardly hear. Take note of your pace, many first-time Vloggers get excited or nervous and speak too fast. Remember, you’re having a conversation with someone, speak like you would when speaking to a friend or someone you’ve just met.

Nombre Cinq: Be Original

Nothing will kill your Vlog faster than copying another more popular Vlogger. You’ll be forgiven for covering topics that are popular at the time but if you’re too similar to another Vlogger, especially someone more popular than you, you could be in a world of hurt. People love Vloggers because they’re original, be original, be you.

Nombre Six: Be On Time

Okay, this rule is a little flexible depending on your content. But here at VMP, we recommend you commit to a time frame. If you post once a week, always post on the same day. If it’s once a month, make it a specific day or say, the first Tuesday of the month.  People like patterns and will be able to follow you easily if you have a consistent schedule.

Nombre Sept: It’s Tough Out There

At the beginning of Vlogging, everyone wants a lot of viewers for the content, that’s the whole reason you’re putting it up there right? But in the first few months don’t let that drive you. You have to enjoy what you do and what you’re putting up for yourself first, the subscribers come later with more exposure. And here’s some tough love, the internet can be a mean, scary place. There are plenty of keyboard warriors out there that won’t hesitate to shoot you down from their cosy anonymity in their mother’s basement. Be prepared if you have any strong religious or political opinions that you’re not afraid to voice. Even the top Vloggers have to put up with harassment. This is where you need to have thick skin, ignore and delete anything that’s not constructive and relish in the support of the genuine followers who love you for who you are.

So there you go! Vlogging can be a tough but rewarding hobby/job if you’re good enough. Just remember the basics: Know you’re stuff, be passionate, get the right look for yourself and your location, be original, and appreciate those who appreciate you.

Of course, if you would like more help or to create a professional production the VMP team is here for all your video production needs! We can even help you with online learning solutions, corporate video production Brisbane and we have delicious bickies if you stop by for a chat! Stay fabulous!

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