VMP How To: Your First Corporate Video

a professional camera shooting corporate video

VMP How To: Your First Corporate Video

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Quick Guide To Doing Your First Corporate Video Shoot

Here at VMP, one of our most in-demand video styles is corporate video production. Many of our clients are new to corporate video and there’s a myriad of corporate video types to chose from (see our blog 5 Ways to Use Corporate Video). Once you have chosen your desired outcome the nitty gritty of video production begins, so we’ve created a few hot tips to help make sure your first corporate video is right on track.


1. What’s the plan, Stan?

We know we sound like a broken record here, but ask any of our interns about the importance of planning any media production and they will chew your ear off with horror stories about the whole class editing their final project at 3 am, or that one kid in their uni class who winged it and failed miserably. Last minute decisions aren’t always a bad thing, and creativity can strike at any moment. But deciding on a budget and creating a timeline is essential for a smooth project. Begin by setting dates for important milestones like picking a team, finalizing the script, shooting and editing. Be realistic in your timeframes and budgets, and stick to the plan. Of course, a good production company can help you with all the nitty-gritty.


2. Who are we talking to?

This goes back to the style of corporate video you are creating. A training video will look and feel very different to a promotional video destined for social media. Be clear in your planning with your team about who you’re trying to reach from the beginning. If you’re making a web video production, make sure the theme suits your audience, and make sure your audience has access to your site or channel. The key to video production is making something that your audience enjoys watching, find out what they want/like and deliver.

a professional camera shooting corporate video

3. Own your message!

KIS baby, Keep It Simple. Can you summarize your message in a couple of sentences? If not, you may be trying to say too much. Find a way to explain your concept easily, then sharpen your message to a fine point, much like Jordie’s immaculately sharpened (and awesome) pencils. As a general rule, the simpler the message, the more effective it will be.


4. Pay attention to detail

You can tackle the job yourself but don’t be afraid to call in professionals (hint: us). We love it when we have clients who are fully involved and want to participate. Hands-on clients can see what’s happening when it’s happening, which means you can give direction for your vision and you don’t receive any nasty surprises later in the edit suite. Here at VMP, we are happy to tailor budgets to allow clients to write their own scripts and concept development, and we’re always here to lend a hand as well. Be ruthlessly honest about the areas in which you need help, and don’t be afraid of the office after the shoot. VMP has tailor-made editing suites so you can sit in with our editors and have a hands-on experience with your project. No matter the company you hire or the people on your team, ultimately it’s your responsibility to notices the little things. Take ownership of this early in the production. A missed shot or a typo can bring the whole level of quality down.

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We hope these tips help you in creating your new corporate video, now go forth and prosper!

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