5 Ways to Use Corporate Videos

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5 Ways to Use Corporate Videos

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5 Best Types of Corporate Videos That Can Reach Clients

For businesses, video is becoming an increasingly common and important part of communication. Many companies have videos on their websites, and larger companies enrol video for induction and online learning for safety compliance.  Whether it’s external use (advertising, branding, corporate communications, sales presentations, customer training) or internal (training, inductions, internal communications, presentations) the use of web video production is on the rise. It’s social, interactive, mobile and trackable.

If you’re creating a corporate video you want them to be great (unless you’re going for the epic fail viral angle), and the best corporate videos reflect the company values and communicate an engaging message to its audience. Without further ado, here are five types of corporate video that we here at VMP know stand out in the world of corporate film.

1. Brand Video

The Brand video is your common web video production, it’s your classic, who we are and what we do video. It’s an introduction and a sign of credibility for any company. Although the most common, there are challenges associated with this type of video. Here at VMP, we challenge our clients to create videos that reflect the brand and company values, while still including a new perspective to surprise old clients or audiences that think they already know everything about the business. The second challenge associated with this video is making sure we haven’t just created an online brochure. Brand videos are an opportunity for companies to really show off, don’t be afraid of a little razzle-dazzle. For example, we created the VMP Brand Video using our own staff, some of our favourite clients and a few fun graphics. This created an overall professional video, which showed off our individual flair.

For another example check out the viral hit DollarShaveClub.com

2. Recruitment Video

It’s not unusual for our clients to request a recruitment video alongside their brand video, especially with the testimonial style brand video on the rise. Recruitment videos are a great channel for recruitment and a great tool to show off your company culture. In fact, on average employers received a 34% rise in applicants when a video was added to job postings. This is because video presents your message in a clear, easy to understand manner, not to mention showing off your mad tech skills. Check out this sweet infographic from www.blogging4jobs.com for more statistics on why more and more companies are turning to YouTube Recruitment.

Check out the recruitment video for KINNECT

3. Issues Video

Issue videos are videos designed for companies to get across complicated messages. Examples of these clients tend to sit on opposite ends of the moral scale. For example, a charity trying to save the Koloa’s might create a heart-warming yet daunting message about the destruction of their Koloa bushland by a gas company. In comparison, a gas company may make an issue video describing the importance of gas to Australia’s economy and the need for more gas mining. You may not agree with their views but Issue videos are a great way for companies to forward their message without rebuttal… that is unless someone makes an issue video of your issue video.

For an example check out The Girl Effect: The clock is ticking.

4. Reputational Video

Reputation videos are cousins to the Issue Video, however reputational videos tend to be PR stunts after something has gone horribly wrong. One of the best examples of this is the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill which heavily damaged the environment and BP’s reputation. Video played a massive part of their ongoing crisis and reputation management strategy. BP’s YouTube channel now features a playlist called “BP’s Commitment to the Gulf“ which has a total of 96 videos in it to show the public what they’re doing to help and avoid future disasters, and to clean up their reputation. For these kinds of videos, it’s good to have a professional production company onboard to work with your PR team and deliver the right messages, at the right time on the right platform.

For example, view BP’s Energy Outlook 2035.

5. Sustainability Video

Another cousin to Issue videos in the media production family is Sustainability. Sustainability videos deal with, you guessed it sustainability. Environmental impact is a huge issue for major corporate and issues surrounding damaging the environment can be complicated, especially with the problem of global warming becoming an ever-present problem. It is important for companies to make sure people understand, and sometimes show off, what they are doing to minimise the impact they have on the environment or what they are doing to help it.

For an example view Unilever’s 5 Levers for Change.

So there you go, for more information on these types of corporate videos, or if you are interested in creating one yourself, don’t hesitate to contact the team here at VMP.

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