Video production can be a minefield – here’s what NOT to do to ensure the result you desire

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Video production can be a minefield – here’s what NOT to do to ensure the result you desire

VMP video production Brisbane list the top tips of getting the best result for your professional video

We’ve covered mistakes people make when searching for the right production house, and we’ve had a lot of requests for a similar article on general media production. So here you go! VMP guides you through the 5 biggest video production mistakes.

1. DON’T mess up the title

Here at VMP, we recently sat with a client who wanted to read a blog about what not to do when making a video, thus this blog was created.  But it sparked the question among us why an article about what not to do would be more interesting than an article about what to do.  When we started creating this blog and wrote our number one non-tip the answer became obvious: because the title is more interesting. The information is similar to a blog about what to do, but the way in which it is initially addressed is more appealing, just like those annoying articles you see of Facebook saying “Boyfriend breaks up with girlfriend, you won’t believe what happens next…” you get drawn in, only to find out that somehow the article is about faddy weight loss pills.

Here’s a video example – think about which title is more appealing


They’re both the same thing, presented well with relevant information but the second options title draws you it, making it seem more interesting and engaging. So there you go, don’t play safe with a title. Of course, other obvious rules apply, don’t swear, don’t insult, don’t lie etc. And don’t be afraid to talk to your production company, they’ll know what’s trending right now. So take that advice and get creative.

2. DON’T be generic

Generating video just for the sake of having a video is pointless for both you and your audience. If you didn’t have a solid reason to make it, what reason could an audience have to watch it? Many companies bombard their pages with videos only to find people turning away. This is usually because it comes across as cold and robotic. You need to humanly represent your brand, and the more you do this, the more human engagement you will receive. And don’t just post it once and forget about it, try to get a conversation going and involve people. This doesn’t mean posting the same video on every social media platform you have, if you have genuine followers, they want to see it once or twice and maybe again in the future, but don’t go into social media overkill.


Writing to convey your creative idea


3. On that note, DON’T forget your call to action

It’s great to have a video that everyone remembers and shares but if they can’t remember your brand at the end, what’s the point? Remember point number 2, you’re putting effort into this video, so make sure people remember it. We know calls to action can be hard without sounding generic or demanding but they’re worth it, especially in web video production. Many YouTube personalities have succumbed to this and wrap up their videos about 10 seconds early before asking for likes and subscriptions. They know that people who don’t want to subscribe will click away as soon as the video is over, but they also know more engaged followers will watch on, that’s when they’ll ask you to subscribe. It’s clever because you don’t annoy the people that want to instantly move on, which means they leave happier and may return to that channel again, and people who are genuinely interested will probably subscribe, it’s a win-win situation.

4. DON’T go overboard

Everything in moderation people, unless you’re going for a ridiculously over the top approach, then good on you, thinking outside the box, we’re proud. For the rest of us who want a life of less crazy, keep it short so people don’t lose interest (30 sec – 1 min is best), keep it simple so people don’t get scared away, and keep it honest.

5. DON’T neglect Video SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is what makes you searchable on the internet (if you don’t have a basic grasp on SEO, then go forth and learn!). The problem with using videos for SEO is that they are videos. This means they are invisible to search engine crawlers, which sucks if you’ve paid good money on a video that no one but your co-workers and mother is going to see. The best way to remedy this is to create a video sitemap. If you upload your videos to YouTube they will do this automatically which is awesome, but that won’t bring people to your website. Creating your own video map give your site credibility in Googles eyes and makes it more appealing to crawlers. Read up more on Video Maps here.


Google search engine optimization SEO


So there you go, a few tips on how to avoid the most common video production mistakes. Best of luck and remember, if you ever need help VMP is just a click away!

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