VMP and the forbidden dance!

Forbidden Dance Brazouka 2015 video production

VMP and the forbidden dance!

Video Production Newsletter

Hola! 2015 is underway and VMP has been capturing spectacular Brazilian dancers, stunning UAV (drone) footage and creating 3D animated characters plus a sincere tribute to the Anzac Centenary of Service. We may have finished 2014 a little tired (one day VMP forgot how to VMP) but we are back in all video production glory for our client’s satisfaction and you can check all the video production news below.


Translating from stage to video can be a challenge, but when Brazouka Producer Pamela Stephenson-Connolly asked VMP to help capture the show’s energetic story, we jumped at the chance. Filmed at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast, Brazouka is a high energy, bright and colourful show with evocative dancers and a touching storyline which is looking to make its American debut after touring the UK, New Zealand and Australia. The VMP team filmed over several nights with up to 7 cameras to capture the dynamic dancers. Currently in post production it is stunning to watch!

Department of Premier – Queensland Anzac Centenary Project

Late last year VMP producers and camera operators travelled all around Queensland to capture vox pops from everyday people. With a short time to capture, edit and output the final product VMP split up into two teams to ask ‘What do you do, in your own personal way, to remember those that have served our country?’  It was a feel good project that would make any patriot proud. You can view the video and contribute your thoughts here at the Queensland Anzac Centenary Project website.

Rosie the African Elephant

Another feel good project (and one where we get to show off some economical 2D animating skills) is Rosie the African Elephant. Author Janet Kaschula approached VMP to bring the story of Rosie alive and create a short promotional animation about the magical little African elephant. Set in the Zambezi Valley, Rosie is left orphaned by poachers. Throughout the story, Rosie learns how to love the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable with her gift of magic. You can view the Rosie trailer video here and stay tuned to our newsletter for more updates!


Peter Marshall, senior Producer at VMP, worked rail giant Aurizon to create a set of videos showcasing Aurizon’s ingenious approach to rail line maintenance between the ports and mines. The intense weather and distances require rolling replacement of infrastructure and the VMP team was put to the test to create animated infographics to showcase the process with a deadline of just three days.

Feature Staff Member: ZOLLIE!

Hardly ever know as Zoltan Csernyanszky because nobody can pronounce it, Zollie is the go to guy for sharp editing at VMP. The young, handsome Hungarian is diligent, friendly and focused for the long haul on keyboard and monitor.  With extensive broadcast experience in Europe on Reality TV dance shows, Zollie was the perfect person to take lead editing on the big Brazouka project. While a gentleman in every sense of the word, Zoltan’s roguishly good looks may cause public unrest so we hide him down the back in editing suites.


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