How should you use video on your website? Here’s 5 tips to guide you through your next video production.

How should you use video on your website? Here’s 5 tips to guide you through your next video production.


VMP Video Production Brisbane takes a look at why web video marketing is good for you, and your business website.

If you have a business, chances are you’ve noticed the explosion of web video marketing. What used to be a rarity only found on expensive sites is now an everyday norm and any business without video on their site is probably falling behind. The difference between a successful business and the alternative is no longer just a good product, but good marketing. And here are some tips to help you get your video off the ground.

#1 Have a plan

Know your target audience and what they want to see. Are they a demographic that wants a storyline and something to connect with? Or are you aiming for an audience that just wants to be entertained? Whatever your audience, keep it personal. You’ll be talking to someone who is most likely alone. People are naturally interested in other humans; use this to your advantage. Once you have a target, know your message before anything else. This will help keep the filming and editing process running as smoothly as possible, saving you time and money. It is very easy to spot a poorly planned video; you’ll lose more than just brownie points if you deliver a sloppy job so keep it sharp.

have a plan

#2 Short and Sweet

The reason video marketing has such a high rate of success is its ability to capture an audience and not let them drift away like other marketing mediums that require the audience to read rather than just watch. However, attention spans are not what they once were, most online videos only survive 60 seconds before half your audience tune out. So keep it short, sweet, and if there’s something you really want your viewers to see, put it near the beginning.

#3 Create Quality

Make sure your concept is worthy of your brand. Keep it classy and informative with testimonials or tutorials – probably not prices and bargains. You need to elevate your brand and show your audience the big picture, why you stand out from your competitors and what you can offer them. The best way to evaluate this is to step back and ask “why would someone want to watch this?” It’s your story, how well you tell it is what sells your product. A good video gives your viewer a good reason to trust your brand.

#4 Expose yourself

Don’t just leave your video on your webpage, put it everywhere you can. Tweet about it, blog about it, share it on Facebook and LinkedIn. Put your brand on a YouTube channel. It will help boost traffic, reinforce your brand and create a credible channel for any future videos you create. Web video is all about sharing. Creating a video that sits only on your website is like building a playground that only you can play on; let others enjoy it and bring their friends along too. And don’t forget the little touches, make sure you have the right thumbnails for any videos, a picture is worth a 1000 mouse clicks!

expose yourself

#5 Call to Action

Let’s be honest, you’re not creating a video just for entertainment, you want action. So ask for it. Do it at the end, and do it politely. This is not the time for over the top cinematic endings.  If you’ve created a good video, aimed at the right audience, they’ll watch until the end. And the end should be the most memorable part.  Keep it short and to the point, so your audience is left feeling good about what they’ve just watched, they should know who you are and what you can do for them.

In the end, a good video can boost your business and a poor video can damage your reputation. If you are going to create one, take your time and do it well. Follow the steps to create a memorable and effective web video. And if in doubt, you can always call in the experts.

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