Our Favourite TV Commercials of 2013

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Our Favourite TV Commercials of 2013

Happy New Year! As one year draws to an end and a new one begins the VMP staff has decided to have a look at some of our most loved commercials for 2013. And to kick us off we’ve decided to start with the office favourite… Our top TV Commercials for 2013!

Poo-Pourri Toilet Deodorizers

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a parody ad, and you’ll also be forgiven for wanting to try it out when you realise it’s a real product. This hilarious spin on a smart product was written, produced, filmed, edited, tested and released in three weeks. The actress is perfect and stays dedicated to her role even in a poo filled paddock (yes the cows are real and no there aren’t any greenscreens!)  It’s informative, fun and finally solves those stinky poo problems! We might just have to try this out in our office…


Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl Commercial

This is a favourite of yours truly, coming in at number 4 in the most shared videos in 2013, Budweiser have done an exceptional job at pulling at the heartstrings and creating an ad that lives longer than the 30 seconds of screen time it’s allocated. Their “Name the foal” campaign brought them over 60,000 social media hits after the commercial aired. Worth a watch in my book.


Doritos “Finger Cleaner”

This is a shout out to an ad that never made it to the big screen. Thomas Noakes entered “Finger Cleaner” Into Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl Competition” and made it through to the finals. Unfortunately they didn’t get any further. While some of our staff laugh and others cringe, we think it’s a great ad and needed to put it on our list.



Nandos did a great series of ads in 2013 that appeal to every generation or orientation. From the young family, the newly dating couple, awkward family or friendly group of seniors, each ad will put a smile on your face. Bringing together the notion of food with friends or family (because honestly, food is always more interesting with company,) Nandos takes a stab at its unusual take-out style by putting a spin on everyday conversations. Every single one is worth a watch and you’re guaranteed to come out with a favourite.





Best Christmas Ad:

I think we would be amiss if we didn’t have a favourite Christmas ad. Although this is an American ad we just have to mention it because they’ve got it so right.

The internet is in a complete consensus about this year’s best Christmas ad with John Lewis’ ‘Bear and the Hare’ with its touching Christmas story taking the cake. The best holiday’s ads have always leaned on the formula of nostalgia, simplicity, gift giving and a sense of family.  John Lewis manages to hit all these key notes, tug at the heartstrings and product place all at the same time.



So those are our top commercials for 2013, we’re sure you’ve seen one or two and maybe we’ve introduced something new as well. Whatever the case we hope to see lots more inspiring, funny and touching commercials in the New Year.  Happy 2014!

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Wed, 08/01/2014 – 10:52am