Excerpt from Outlook – Australian Entertainment and Media

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Excerpt from Outlook – Australian Entertainment and Media

Jeff Whatcott is the Chief Marketing Officer of Brightcove, a successful cloud software company. In these excerpts from a recent PWC ‘Outlook – Australian Entertainment and Media’ he gave an opinion of the importance of online video.

“Forrester Research found that pages that have video on them are 53 times more likely than pages without video to show up in the first page of search results. That’s a stunning thing. Search engines treat video as a high value content type. There are techniques that customers need to understand in terms of how they embed video in their pages such as: the title of the video should match the title of the page; you should have a description accompanying the video; you should have tags and other metadata that tells Google what the video is about. Google doesn’t look inside the video itself, so you need to give Google a little bit of help understand that yours is a page with video on it. Once you do that properly, Google will rate the page with a higher weight than pages with other types of content. “

“If you have a product that has an emotional dimension to it or a consumer product that you want to create some excitement around, video is a way of doing this when text and imagery simple can’t. Similarly, if you have a product that is somewhat complex and requires a bit of explanation – like an innovative software product or piece of industrial equipment – rather than having people download a 50 page pdf they have to wade through, a quick five minute video can really be effective. “

“Also, we see some really interesting things going on in online retail around the world. Marks & Spencer in the UK has built video tours of products that relate to things going on from a season perspective. For example, when the Royal wedding was going on they had a selection of products related to throwing a party around the Royal wedding. As the products were featured on screen you got a call to action appearing in the player so you can click to buy it. That’s incredibly powerful, especially when you take that player and embed it in a Facebook stream and the calls to action travel with it. Marks & Spencer has seen major results from that video production. In fact, they found that products featured in video have up to 100 percent higher sell-though than products that aren’t featured in video. “

Jeff Whatcott, Outlook Australian Entertainment and Media 2012-2016, 11th ed, PwC, NSW, 2012

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