QR Codes and How To Use Them – Part 2

a QR Code surrounded by binary code

QR Codes and How To Use Them – Part 2

Hi ho readers,

So we all know QR Codes are great for marketing, but the potential for other uses and abuses are out there!  Suitably named, Malicious QR Codes are the evil twin of QR Codes codesandhave been reported to seriously abuse a scanner’s privacy.  Think of everything you’ve given permission for the scanner app to access; full internet, browser history, GPS, local storage etc.  A MQR Code could potentially get access to these! dun dun duuun…  A MQR Code in Russia was reported to have made the phone send premium texts at a high fee.  There’s always someone who spoils the party.

But let’s not let them rain on our parade, as we’ve created a list of other potential uses these ugly boxes (I mean QR Codes) could be useful for:

Our Top 8 Uses for QR Codes

1) Obviously – Print on business cards, linked to a resume/portfolio/show reel

2) Display during a video in a foreign language to get a subtitled translation, or a behind the scenes view?

3) Got a gift card for your birthday? Print a code on the card /wrapping paper, sending the receiver straight to the catalogue

4) Put on a product’s packaging to give the assembling/safety instructions? Think of the paper IKEA could save??

5) The good old mystery post card found at cafes and information centers. I know if I saw a random cup of coffee with a code on a flyer somewhere, I’d seriously consider following the directions that scan sent me, to perhaps their nearest coffee store?

6) Got a big event coming up? Mystery night, wedding, staff Christmas party? Try printing out a variety of codes (themed to match your event of course – something like cup cakes, fake tattoos, fortune cookies) giving out to guests  with clues to the next mystery stop, or a ‘thank you for coming’ video bonbonniere, or a even just a random fortune/Horoscope to get some laughs?

7) Australia’s having a weight epidemic – Why not a campaign that prints codes on sporting equipment like skate boards, linking kids to awesome tricks of the trade, perhaps motivating them to get back on and keep trying?

8) Finally, now this one is my favourite.  You enter a club/festival/Exhibition, and you get a re-entry stamp on your hand that really serves little purpose? You much would you love that stamp (as a QR Code) to take you to a map of the venue – pointing out the food, bar, toilets, and exits!


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Wed, 12/12/2012 – 12:54pm