Interactive Productions?

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Interactive Productions?

Things to Consider in Interactive Productions

We are often asked what a client should put in a brief for a production. In this case, let’s look at an interactive production – it might be a training resource, a staff induction programme, or a client site interactive information and questionnaire.

Here is some advice we shared with a client recently. We hope you find it helpful.

A client brief for an interactive production would ideally detail:

  • The intended audience
  • The topic
  • The level of competence/comprehension required on completion of the material

This may possibly be with supporting documentation of currently available materials covering the topic at the desired ‘depth’. There may be a handbook, speaker’s notes or course materials if the material has been presented previously in hard copy, face-to-face training or group training. If this is not available then a discussion about the depth desired and the level of competence and/or comprehension of the topic that the audience will need to achieve from the production.


Questions you might ask include:

  1. Where are the audience members now in terms of understanding the topic?
  2. Where would you like them to be on completion of the course material?
  3. Is the course/material regulated by required competencies eg training standards & auditing?
  4. How long should the production be in total?

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Details of the desired audio-visual production elements to be used to engage and inform the audience


Questions you might like to ask include:

  1. Would you like a Presenter or a Narrator? A Presenter can ‘hold the hand’ of the audience as they progress through the production as well as the content. A Narrator stands somewhat apart from the audience. Do your audience need to feel supported? Would it help them to feel as if they had a human connection, eye contact, appropriate facial expressions while travelling through the material?
  2. Would you like to see scenarios ‘showing’ the audience how to adopt the new information and what it looks like when it is implemented effectively?
  3. Would you like Interviews with those who know the material talking through some of the finer details, giving in-depth or personal/professional pointers to the audience – who are the ‘experts’?
  4. Would you like animated text graphics introducing new ideas and reinforcing key points?
  5. Are there other visual elements you would like drawn or created?


How interactive would you like the product to be?

  1. Does it need a secure login?
  2. Does it need a personalised record of progress tracking in the background up to and including completion?
  3. Does it need to create a code to allow the viewer to ‘save and exit’ and come back at a later time and pick up where they left off?
  4. Or, is it to be viewed and completed in one session?
  5. Does it require a printable or email-able Record of Completion Statement?
  6. Will it contain additional readings or materials? (pdf)
  7. Will it contain web links?
  8. How many activities should it have to assess comprehension of the material?
  9. Should they be simple multiple choice, and/or, true/false questions; or more complex/detailed/engaging activities such as drag and drop, fill in a word/sentence, word puzzles, other activities; or a combination of the above?


How would you like to output the production? Where / how will the audience access it?

  1. Hosted on a web site or intranet
  2. On CD Rom or DVD Rom – compatible for Mac and PC
  3. On a memory stick
  4. As an ‘app’ (application)

There are vast benefits in engaging audiences in as many of their senses as possible. VMP appreciate that these processes may look a little daunting, but we promise to hold your hand through the journey of discovery. We have experience in creating captivating and engaging interactive tools on disk, USB or for intranet/internet access.

We would be happy to assist you in deciding on your needs and to bring your ideas to fruition. Just get in touch with us at VMP. Contact us on 07 3324 0900 or send us a message through our Contact page.

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